Our history from the 13th Century to the present.


  • Future

    Hospitalfield's Future Plan entails building and sustaining a future for the historic building and grounds whilst creating a resource for contemporary artists.

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    To learn more, visit the Future Plan page.

  • 2016

    Graham Fagen's exhibition for Scotland + Venice displayed at Hospitalfield as part of the Spring programme of events.

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    For more information or to see photos from the exhibition, visit Event Archive.

  • 2015

    Hospitalfield curates Scotland + Venice: Graham Fagen

  • 2002

    The Hospitalfield Alumni Association was created, bringing together several decades of artists who spent time at Hospitalfield Art College.

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    For more information about the alumni association, visit http://www.hospitalfieldalumniassociation.co.uk/ 

  • 1972

    Peter Blake and Jann Haworth spend the first of two summers teaching the post graduate fellows at Hospitalfield

  • 1965

    Will MacLean and Alastair MacLennan were within the student group this year

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    The group of students who attended in 1965 are captured in this photo and include (reading left to right): Alastair MacLennan (Dundee), unidentified (Glasgow), Joh Stenhouse (Aberdeen), Frances Saunders (Edinburgh), George Donald (Edinburgh), Bart Simpson (Glasgow), Will MacLean(Aberdeen), unidentified (Glasgow), Jean Knox (Dundee), Robert Crearar (Dundee).

  • 1961

    Lil Neilson, a student at Hospitalfield, meets Joan Eardley when she is a visiting lecturer

  • 1948

    Ian Fleming, the notable Scottish artist, becomes warden of Hospitalfield until 1954.

  • 1938

    Robert MacBryde and Robert Colquhoun are taught by James Cowie during a postgraduate study at Hospitalfield

  • 1938

    James Cowie takes up the position of Warden at Hospitalfield and stays for 10 years during which time he becomes a highly influential, if rather dogmatic, teacher

  • 1922

    The constitution is changed and Hospitalfield becomes a post graduate college accepting students recommended by the four main art colleges in Scotland for three months during the summer

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    Many prominent Scottish artists worked and studied at Hospitalfield during the 20th Century including Joan Eardley, Peter Howson, Will Maclean, Robert Colquhoun and Robert MacBryde. The connection to the four art schools in Dundee, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow was important in making Hospitalfield relevant to students and artists across the country. The time spent at Hospitalfield was often the first opportunity those students had to meet artists from other parts of Scotland and compare notes about their work and the teaching systems they were accustomed to.

  • 1909

    Peter Munnoch was appointed governor to Hospitalfield, succeeding George Harcourt.

  • 1902

    After the trustees settled various debts, the Hospitalfield residential art college is opened and accepts the first cohort of full time students.

  • 1890

    Patrick Allan dies, leaving Hospitalfield and his other estates in the management of a board of trustees.

  • 1875

    Patrick Allan-Fraser becomes the Principal of the British Academy of Art in Rome

  • 1873

    Elizabeth Allan Fraser dies. Pictured is Elizabeth Allan Fraser reading in the Dining Room, painted by Patrick Allan Fraser.

  • 1873

    Patrick and Elizabeth Allan Fraser's wishes for the future of Hospitalfield and their other estates were outlined in Patrick's "Deed of Settlement and Mortification."

  • 1870

    Fernery is completed within the Walled Garden

  • 1858

    Charles Dickens and Patrick Allan Fraser exchange letters discussing legacy for artists and writers.

  • 1853

    Arts & Crafts inspired Picture Gallery is completed

  • 1843

    Patrick Allan and Elizabeth Fraser (heiress of Hospitalfield House) are married

  • 1816

    Walter Scott's novel The Antiquary is published. Hospitalfield House is the inspiration for Monkbarns, the home of the Antiquary

  • 1813

    The writer Walter Scott visits Hospitalfield

  • 1812

    Patrick Allan is born in Arbroath in to his stocking maker family

  • 1809

    Major James Fraser dies leaving his English wife Elizabeth and 4 year old daughter Elizabeth

  • 1770

    Hospitalfield moves from Fraser to Fraser and David Fraser builds the granary which will eventually becomes the Picture Gallery

  • 1664

    The Reverend James Fraser, Minister of Arbroath parish buys Hospitalfield as his private house

  • 1560

    The Reformation and the land at Hospitalfield slips out of the ownership of the church and in to lay hands

  • 1325

    The building and land of Spittlefield/Hospitalfield is leased to two farmers. The lease requests that they build a byre and a barn and that at the end of the lease these two buildings should be left behind in good repair. These agricultural buildings are the ones that Scott writes about and names Monkbarnes in his novel The Antiquary

  • 1260

    The monks of the Abbey build a hospital to receive pilgrims

  • 1178

    Arbroath Abbey is founded and King William the Lion gives the land that Hospitalfield is built on to the Abbey