Working at Hospitalfield Now, 30 October – 12 November 2017

Ten international interdisciplinary practitioners here on residency this November.

A group of artists, curators, musicians and choreographers from the UK, Sweden, Singapore and Panama are working on projects at Hospitalfield. The group were brought together through the Interdisciplinary Residency programme, this year selected by Jude Barber, Architect-Director, Collective Architecture; Janine Matheson, Creative Producer, Visual Artist and Executive Director of Creative Edinburgh / Manager CodeBase Stirling; and Nuno Sacramento, Director, Peacock Visual Arts.

Carolina Figueiredo is a dancer and choreographer based in Panama.

Clare Robertson Moore is a visual artist working in writing, video and drawing living in the UK.

Elke Reinhuber has a conceptual new media practice and lives in Singapore.

Hannah Rose Whittle is an artist working in sculpture and performance in the UK.

Jenny Richards is a curator and researcher living in Sweden.

Lisa Lipton makes videos and performance events, she is based in Canada.

W. Gage Ehmann is a musician who is working on a series of visual scores, he’s based in the UK.

Michael Kent and Thom Walker have a collaborative drawing practice which they are developing into etchings in the Kinpurnie Print Studio – they were awarded the Printmaking Place for this Interdisciplinary Residency.

Read more about the Interdisciplinary Residents here…

During this residency period Kapwani Kawanga has been staying at Hospitalfield, doing site visits while developing a project with Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art for 2018...

Katie Schwab, who is one of our Future Plan commissioned artists, has been in residence progressing her research and ideas about furniture for the seating, working and eating areas within our planned new building The Greens, which is a one storey accommodation building, part of our Future Plan…


Images: Jenny Richards; Lisa Lipton; Clare Robertson.