What Happens when you put Textile Designers in a Resin Factory?

News from Hospitalfield in Industry 2015 project with Make Works about Bespoke Atelier‘s residency at Smyth Composites factory in Carnoustie.

Hospitalfield is pleased to share a new video created by Make Works about a joint project within our Hospitalfield in Industry Residency 2015 which saw design duo Bespoke Atelier undertaking a residency at Hospitalfield and within the factory of Carnoustie glass reinforced plastic business Smyth Composites.

You can view the video all about Bespoke Atelier’s work with Smyth Composites here…

At the start of 2015, Hospitalfield worked with Fi Scott from Make Works to ask for proposals from a small group of artists and makers, selecting Bespoke Atelier and James Rigler. Make Works’ website and knowledge within their team allowed for the collaboration to find exciting industry partners for the projects. The format for the scheme includes interaction and time in the manufacturing setting as well as a month residency at Hospitalfield alongside our Autumn Residents.

The film has been made by Edinburgh Film Company who are also working on another short documentary about James Rigler and his project with Aberdeenshire stone masons Fyfe Glenrock.