Connecting Hospitalfield to local landscapes and promoting wellbeing through walking, Meander is led by our volunteer walk leaders.


The Meander project connects Hospitalfield to local landscapes through walking. Led by Hospitalfield’s volunteer walk leaders, the project promotes wellbeing through walking and cultivates a place where people can enjoy being active at their own pace.

Volunteering opportunities with Meander include: joining a walk, training to be a walk leader, and helping devise new routes.

Find out more about Meander walks and events on our Visit page.

Meander is supported by Paths for All.

Contact Kirsten Wilson (Engagement and Volunteer Programme Manager) for more information: / 01241 656 124.

“The gardens are a wonderful place for peaceful contemplation: walking in a real life secret garden where you can connect with the beauties of the natural world.”

Julie, Volunteer Walk Leader

“I work in a stressful job and enjoy walking as a stress buster and escape from the rigors of work. Last spring, as a newly qualified Paths for All Walk Leader, I joined the Meander group.  The sights, sounds and smells of this woodland and garden  were a sensory delight – the epitome of promoting wellbeing. I knew I would be spending more time here”

Willi, Volunteer Walk Leader