20 March 2016

In 2015 Yokollection were invited to make a contribution to The Arbroath Template, a project devised by Bob and Roberta Smith which culminated in a weekend of projects at Hospitalfield. During the weekend Yokollection talked with the audience and staff about their project and were introduced to, among other things, a white embroidered shawl from the collection. One year on Yokollection returned to meet a group of women all connected to Hospitalfield in different ways and to show them the one off scarf which they created following this experience. Yokollection presented a provocation for conversation, through sharing information about their collaborative approach and through discussing a 1972 essay by the artist Yoko Ono. They also invited the women in the group to borrow the scarf; to wear it, display it and use it.


Yokollection is the name under which the artists Alexa Hare and Francesca Nobilucci collaborate.

Yokollection make one off digitally printed silk scarves as well as other garments and objects. The works are loaned to others to wear at events, we then encourage people to activate the scarves or objects by documenting themselves and to then send the images back to Yokollection or post to social media sites. Works to date include commissioned scarves, haute couture dresses, tarot cards, skateboards, male leotards, swimwear with towel accessories and fashion advertising campaigns.


The “scanned silk” silk scarf which was commissioned by Hospitalfield as part of The Arbroath Template with Bob and Roberta Smith is number 6 in a our series of silk scarves. The aesthetic for this particular scarf is a departure from the previous scarves in that it is something more subtle. The image that is printed on to the scarf is simply a piece of silk scanned in and then printed back onto silk.

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