Talk & Walk: Growing from the Past

21 August 2021

Professor Geoff Squire, previously head of Plants, Soils and Environment at the James Hutton Institute Dundee (now honorary), will talk about the history of herbal remedies over the last few thousand years, and in particular the role of religious houses in disseminating both the plant material and knowledge of how to make a wide range of botanical medicines. As the site of Monastic hospital, Hospitalfield is connected to a history of herbalism. Geoff will discuss how particular plant species came to be grown in the UK through a European network of monastic knowledge, as well as describing some of the plants’ continued uses. Following his talk, Geoff will offer a brief Tour of Hospitalfield Gardens identifying herbs that were regularly used by monks for the treatment of disease. The walk will end at the newly planted medicinal beds.

Tickets for this talk are included in the entry cost for Beer & Berries. Tickets available for £6 per person and offer full access the stallholders area, Live Music  the talks & workshops programme (book in advance) and as well entry to the Walled Gardens and Fernery.

Advance booking is essential, tickets available for timed entry here

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