Talk: Searching/Researching Future Medicines 

21 August 2021

Professor Marcel Jaspars, Chair of Chemistry at University of Aberdeen, will introduce his research looking for plant life in extreme environments including the desert, deep sea and Antarctic. Jaspars will describe how researchers across the globe are searching for new organic compounds that can provide treatment for antibiotic resistant diseases. He will bring a selection of different corals, sponges and plants whose compounds have been used in the modelling of future medicines to share with the talks attendees. Jaspars is co-founder of the Marine Biodiscovery Centre at University of Aberdeen and Scientific Project Leader of the EU project ‘PharmaSea’. Join the Round Table Discussion which follows this talk at which The Wellcome Team, Geoff Squire of the James Hutton Institute and Professor Jaspars will discuss their shared areas of research inviting conversations with the audience on aspects of their earlier talks.

Tickets for this Talk are included in the entry cost for Beer & Berries. Tickets available for £6 per person and offer full access the stallholders area, Live Music  the talks & workshops programme (book in advance) and as well entry to the Walled Gardens and Fernery.

Advance booking is essential, tickets available for timed entry here


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