Sounding Out Soils and Crops

6 August 2022

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A talk on soil acoustics with Emeritus Professor Keith Attenborough from The Institute of Acoustics, The Open University & Associate Professor Shahram Taherzadeh from the School of Engineering & Innovation, The Open University.

Keith Attenborough
Keith is Emeritus Professor in the School of Engineering and Innovation at The Open University. He has published research on acoustics related to agriculture since 1990 collaborating with the former Silsoe Research Institute, Rothamsted Research, the University of Mississippi and the National Sedimentation Laboratory of the US Department of Agriculture. He has acted as a work package leader for research conducted as part of an EC funded project involving Universities and research laboratories in Europe and Scandinavia and concerned with the use of natural means such as vegetation for reducing noise from
surface transport. As well as continuing to be active in research he has a part-time role as Education Manager for the Institute of Acoustics which offers a professional Diploma and five certificate courses.

Shahram Taherzadeh
Shahram is Senior Lecturer in the School of Engineering and Innovation at the Open University, has extensive experience of acoustic measurements, and instrumentation and appropriate numerical methods. He has collaborated with Keith on many projects over many years including the deduction of the acoustical properties of the ground from short-range propagation data, modeling acoustic-to-seismic coupling, predicting outdoor sound propagation, acoustic-seismic detection of buried objects and predicting ground vibrations from airborne explosions.

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