Online Free Drawing School Challenge led by Camille Chedda


Next: 11 May 2020

Online Drawing Challenge led by Camille Chedda

Join the Free Drawing School live online every Monday at 10am.

A different drawing challenge is announced each week for you to get involved with at home between 10am-12pm guided live with an artist.

On Monday 11 May, Camille Chedda leads the drawing challenge.

Camille Chedda is an artist interested in identity and how this can be constructed, destroyed, or rebuilt. She tends to incorporate construction materials into her work and has worked a lot with plastic bags on which she paints portraits to speak about temporality and disposability.

Camille was at Hospitalfield in 2017 as part of the Trans Atlantic Artists’ Residency Exchange (TAARE) led by the British Council. She is based in Jamaica.

While at Hospitalfield she created ‘Brick and Mortar’ as part of a series of drawings incorporating bricks she found on Arbroath beach which had connections to sugar plantations in the Caribbean.

Her work has been shown in various exhibitions including the Jamaica Biennial at National Gallery of Jamaica, Relational Undercurrents at the Museum of Latin American Art and Wallach Gallery at Columbia University.

The Free Drawing School Online continues over the spring and summer with many more challenges as we invite lots of guest artists to design the weekly challenge for you to join in with.

The Free Drawing School challenges are designed to be done at home with the resources you can bring together from your drawers and cupboards.

The details of the challenge will be announced here and on social media at 10.00am.

You will have two hours in which to complete the challenge and post your work either in the comments on the Facebook event for others to see or on twitter or instagram with the hashtag #freedrawingschool.

You can also email your outcomes to

The Free Drawing School is made possible with generous funding support from The Robertson Trust and The National Heritage Lottery Fund.

1. Photo of Camille in her home studio
2. Brick and Mortar, 2017, Camille Chedda. Courtesy of the artist. Drawing made at Hospitalfield
3. Sketch of artist combing her hair.



This challenge is led by artist Camille Chedda:


Morning! I’m Camille and welcome to my drawing challenge.

The challenge today is to draw yourself doing one of your daily routines since the Covid lockdown. Think about the privilege to be able to do this simple task everyday.

You can use the following tools:
Pencil/charcoal (but any drawing tool can be used – crayons, markers, etc)
Or if you’d like, you can photograph your action if it’s too complicated to do it and draw at the same time.

Choose the activity that you’d like to represent yourself doing. It could be for example drinking tea or water, drawing, eating, brushing teeth, exercise, sitting, talking on the phone, watching TV.

Then set up your mirror or take your photograph and draw. Sometimes I use both the mirror and photograph. You can develop the drawing with tones or colour if you’d like. You can incorporate the space or objects around you in the background as well.

I’d love to see your drawings! Please email to or you can join the Facebook event here:



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