Free Drawing School Online Challenge led by Sally Hackett


Next: 27 April 2020

Free Drawing School Challenge led by Sally Hackett

Join the Free Drawing School live online every Monday at 10am.

A different drawing challenge is announced each week for you to get involved with at home between 10am-12pm guided live with an artist.

On Monday 27 April Sally Hackett will lead the drawing challenge. Sally Hackett primarily works with clay to create darkly humorous and honest figurative tableaux installations and sculptures. Sally is working with Hospitalfield and Muirfield and Timmergreens Primary Schools in 2021 on the Annual Children’s Graduation Procession.

The Free Drawing School Online continues over the spring and summer with many more challenges as we invite lots of guest artists to design the weekly challenge for you to join in with.

The Free Drawing School challenges are designed to be done at home with the resources you can bring together from your drawers and cupboards.

The details of the challenge will be announced here and on social media at 10.00am.

You will have two hours in which to complete the challenge and post your work either in the comments on the Facebook event for others to see or on twitter or instagram with the hashtag #freedrawingschool.

You can also email your outcomes to

The Free Drawing School is made possible with generous funding support from The Robertson Trust and The National Heritage Lottery Fund.

Materials to collect for the challenge

Hi everyone! I’m Sally and I’m going to be setting the drawing challenge next week. My challenge will involve collecting some slightly unusual materials from inside your home (and your garden if you have one). In order to get some ideas on what kinds of things to collect I have made some categories.

Please collect 6 things for each of these categories if you can! They are as follows:

  • TINY THINGS x 6 (could be a staple, grains of rice, lentils, an eyelash, a hair clip)
  • RECYCLING x 6 (could be packaging, toilet roll tubes, milk cartons, plastic bags)
  • TEXTILES X 6 (could be pieces of clothing, blankets, bed sheets)
  • NATURAL X 6 (could be food waste, vegetable peel, coffee grains, leaves, grass, flowers)
  • TOOLS OF THE HOME (could be tweezers, sieves, pegs, a spatula, pots & pans)

The only other thing you will need is some paper. This can be any size, any shape, any colour. See you next Monday!


Today’s Challenge: Drawing With Objects

DRAWING CHALLENGE: Drawing With Objects

This morning’s challenge is set by Sally Hackett. Sally Hackett primarily works with clay to create darkly humorous and honest tableau installations and sculptures. Sally is working with Hospitalfield and Muirfield and Timmergreens Primary Schools in 2021 on the Annual Children’s Graduation Procession.

Today your drawing material will be objects, using your home as a canvas and the objects in it as your materials!

Recycled packaging, food, grass, staples, bedsheets, hair-clips, spatulas will all work as your materials. Placing them on a surface will be your act of drawing. Think of it as 3 dimensional collage! Use this as a time to experiment and feel free and childish!




Make 6 object collages to represent these 6 human emotions:

  1. Excitement
  2. Confusion
  3. Anxiety
  4. Joy
  5. Sadness
  6. In love
  • Photograph each of your works
  • You can make these collages quickly or take your time with them – some may be more detailed than others!
  • Your assemblages can be figurative or abstract – you don’t just have to do a face!
  • Think about how things are placed/angles/welfare of the object – does it look like it’s in danger? Does it look like something’s about to happen to it? If it’s a flower is it wilting?


Give 3 inanimate objects in your home a personality by adding faces. Using your objects as facial features (oranges for eyes, bed sheet for a mouth etc) go round your home and/or garden and transform large spaces into faces:

A table could be a face

A bed could be a face

A hedge could be a face

An entire room could be a face

  • Photograph your work
  • This time you assign the feeling!


You can continue collecting objects from around your house as you work.

Think about the shape and colour of the objects to distinguish whether you think they are a happy, sad, confused or angry object.

Don’t force something to look like something else (to represent) something else. Think about what the mark or the form already looks like – a cloud, a dog: and enhance it by giving it more detail/context. The dog is given a nose, eyes and a head. The cloud is given a sky.



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