Hospitalfield Family Day with Sally Hackett

24 July 2021

Hospitalfield Family Day with Sally Hackett

Saturday 24 July



Come Collect your Therapet

Pupils from Timmergreens and Muirfield are invited to come and collect their painted therapet from Sally Hackett’s Children’s Graduation Carousel between 11am – 4pm at Hospitalfield.

Have fun in the walled garden and stay for an afternoon workshop with Sally Hackett.


Padlocks of Self-Love with Sally Hackett

Join artist Sally Hackett to create Padlocks of Self-Love for the new garden gate in Hospitalfield’s Walled Garden.

Sally has drawn inspiration from the love locks found on the bridges and other romantic sites around cities like Paris and Rome. While the lock as a symbol of love is often associated with romantic love between two people, with Padlocks of Self-Love, Sally will invite participants to dedicate a Padlock to themselves.

Through the workshops people will be invited to make a small wax sculpture, like a self-portrait, which will be sent off to be cast into metal and then soldered onto a padlock. When participants lock their personal padlocks onto the gate, they will be asked to dedicate it as a promise to love themselves.

Workshop, 1.00pm – 2.00pm, then 2.30pm – 3.30pm Saturday 24 July.

Suitable for people aged 7 and over.

The unveiling of the padlocks will take place later in the summer.

About the Artist

Sally Hackett is an artist and educator living and working in Glasgow. Sally makes sculpture with a range of materials of widely different shelf lives and sell by dates from glazed ceramics to peanuts, garlic husks and toilet rolls. Spurred by intuitive making, Sally creates her work predominantly around emotion and mental states. Characters appear showing stories of social intricacies, heartbreak and human failure but with a playful aesthetic of bright colours and cartoon faces. Her work aims to simultaneously express both joy and pain. The playful aesthetic of the work mirrors the sentiment, displaying the energy and beauty present in imperfection. Sally’s interest in pedagogy often sees her working directly with community groups and children to create works collaboratively or facilitate others in their act of creating. She has worked on educational projects with a wide range of organisations, completing projects and residencies with Glasgow Royal Hospital for Children, GOMA, Project Ability, Platform, Panel and Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop. Recent exhibitions include ‘A toilet is a wishing well’ Generator Projects (2020) ‘A Weakness for Raisins’ CCA, Glasgow (2018) ‘From Glasgow Women’s Library’ (2018) and ‘The Fountain of Youth’, Edinburgh Art Festival (2016).


Hospitalfield Gardens and Café is wheelchair accessible via a ramp into the Gardens and there are wide pathways throughout the Walled Gardens. It is possible to access the ground floor level of the restored Fernery. Hospitalfield would like to prepare with you for your visit and give any information which could help, so please do get in touch by emailing or phoning 01241656124. There is accessible parking available on site by the entrance to the Garden.

The workshops involve some sharp tools and warm wax so is only suitable for over 7 years old.

There are limited spaces on the workshop

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