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Next: 31 August 2020

artist Kirsty McKeown

Free Drawing School Online led by Kirsty McKeown

Join the Free Drawing School live online every Monday at 10am.

A different drawing challenge is announced each week for you to get involved with at home between 10am-12pm guided live with an artist.

The Free Drawing School Online continues over the summer with many more challenges as we invite lots of guest artists to design the weekly challenge for you to join in with.

The Free Drawing School challenges are designed to be done at home with the resources you can bring together from your drawers and cupboards.

The details of the challenge will be announced here and on social media at 10.00am.

You will have two hours in which to complete the challenge and post your work either in the comments on the Facebook event for others to see or on twitter or instagram with the hashtag #freedrawingschool.

You can also email your outcomes to

The Free Drawing School is made possible with generous funding support from The Robertson Trust and The National Heritage Lottery Fund.

Materials Needed

“Hi again everyone, Kirsty here with another online drawing challenge for you.

In next weeks’ challenge we will be drawing using natural found materials as inspiration; I have been collecting lots of interestingly shaped materials on my walks around Hospitalfield over the past few weeks that I can’t wait to use in my work.  In preparation for next week, go for a walk or wander in the garden and collect a selection of natural materials such as leaves, branches and pinecones of all different shapes and sizes.

You will also need these materials:

  • Paper
  • Pencils and black ink marker/thick pens
  • Black ink and brush (optional)
  • Coloured watercolours or inks (optional)
  • Various interestingly shaped natural objects

I’ll be back on Monday with more instructions for you all.

See you all next week!”




Instructions - Negative Space Drawings

Free Drawing School Online Instructions – Negative Space

“Hi again everyone.

For this week’s challenge we will be training our brains and eyes to see the opposite of how we usually see.  To do this we will be drawing the negative space (the space that surrounds the solid parts of an object).

This is more tricky than it sounds but it is worth persevering with – the end drawings are bold and graphic so if you like that kind of thing like I do you’ll love this.

  • Lay your objects out in a pleasing way.
  • Find the space around your solid object and begin to draw, lightly at first until you get the hang of things.
  • If you want you can fill in the space in your drawing with coloured inks or paints
  • You can experiment by changing your background, paper, materials for each drawing.

I always enjoy this drawing challenge, I am a big fan of the bold graphic drawings.

Good luck!”


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