Children’s Procession 2019

17 June 2019

Children’s Graduation Procession
500 children from Timmergreens and Muirfield Primary School
Led by dance artists Mark Bleakley & Katie Miller
Costumes made with Free Drawing School artist Laura Darling

Come with us on 17 June and cheer on the Children’s Procession. Starts at 10am at Timmergreens School.

The Procession begins at Timmergreens at 10am and includes 4 performances along the route.

Everyone is invited!


Through Sludge, Sand and Stardust
We’re taking you to the Future!
by dance artists Mark Bleakley & Katie Miller

Celebrating the children who are graduating onto secondary school and moving onto new things, the third annual Children’s Procession is choreographed to travel along the streets and avenues of Arbroath. Dance Artists Mark Bleakley & Katie Miller and illustrator Laura Darling have been working with pupils and teachers at Muirfield and Timmergreens primary schools to create the new procession with movement leading the way.

Join 500 of Arbroath’s school kids as we bring the surrounding landscape to life and lead the procession to the Paddock. We’re taking you to the future!

Through weekly rehearsals over 8 weeks, the artists and children have drawn inspiration from the surrounding landscape of Arbroath, the beautiful coastline, the fields and meadows surrounding Hospitalfield, the picturesque and changing urban landscape and importantly the young people living here and who in the years to come will transform it.

Thanks to Janice Parker and Luke Pell for their advice in developing this Procession.


The Procession this year includes 4 performances along the route.

Starting at 10am at Timmergreens Primary School

‘Meeting’ performance between Timmergreens and Muirfield at ‘The Farmy’

‘Rushing’ performance at the ‘Avenue of Trees’

‘Ceilidh’ performance at Hospitalfield Driveway

‘Celebration’ performance at The Paddock at Hospitalfield


Watch the Procession from the pavements and park and celebrate the children graduating.

Download Printable Map

Mark Bleakley

Mark Bleakley is an artist and choreographer based in Glasgow. Formally trained in visual art, their practice is informed by his background as a bboy/breakdancer. Working across dance and visual arts contexts, Bleakley creates compositions working with video, the body and text to explore choreographic relations between gesture, context and their affects. Current work explores How We handle Things; people, objects and how objects handle us through environments, architecture, technologies and social structures. Can the gallery and the choreographic field provide a space to present and re-examine these relations that our bodies are in constant dialogue with?

Recent and upcoming projects include: How We Handle Things at Rhubaba, Edinburgh; Schema research commission with Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh; Edinburgh; Imprinting (Close your eyes and-) with Claricia Parinussa, Edinburgh and Hebden Bridge; Collision. Colliding. at Kingsgate workshop, London; Schema Chapter III as part of Present Futures at CCA, Glasgow.


Katie Miller

Katie Miller is a dance artist from Glasgow working as a performer, choreographer and teacher. Katie trained at the Dance School of Scotland before graduating from Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary dance. In 2015 she was part of the Dancers Emerging Bursary Scheme at Dance Base, mentored by Luke Pell. Recent projects include An Audience With… By Janice Parker and creating new work for Indepen-dance, Generation Arts and Hospitalfield.

Katie is committed to sharing her love of dance with everybody on every kind of dance floor.


Free Drawing School Artist Laura Darling

Laura Darling is an illustrator and artist based in Dundee. Her practice is underpinned by drawing, looking, noticing and recording visual details as a way of re-thinking our everyday surroundings.

Laura is currently leading the Hospitalfield Free Drawing School as artist in residence for one year and runs regular, informal drawing classes and drop-in sessions. Free and open to all, attendees can discover experimental drawing techniques.

Laura begins her year leading the Free Drawing School by working with dance artists Mark Bleakley and Katie Miller on the Procession with children from local schools Timmergreens and Muirfield.

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