Changing Landscapes: Farm Manager Allan Innes

6 August 2022

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In the Angus Growers and Angus Soft Fruits Tent, L M Porter farm manager Allen Innes will lead a talk on the Changing Landscapes of Angus in light of the berry farming industry of the region. Topics will include:

The Angus agricultural landscape – Taking a look back at how the agricultural landscape has change in Angus over the past 20 years

Over farming land – Does our agriculture landscape have a sell by date? Find out the importance of resting the soil in the fields we farm.

Coir Substrate – What is Coir Substrate? Find out the plant and environmental benefits of using Coir to grow berries.

Labour – An ongoing issue throughout Agriculture in Angus and beyond. Find out more information about the labour issues we are currently facing.

Allen grew up on a mixed arable/stock farm which also grew strawberries. He has been involved in agriculture all his life … serving his time as an agricultural engineer. Moved on from that to working on a farm and joining LM Porter in 1998 as a tractor driver. Progressing up through the farm in different roles he became Farm Manger in 2012. Allen is a forward thinking lad and always trying to improve growing techniques and yields, using a mixture of the latest technology combined with good old fashioned techniques. He believes the key to growing good crops is a good plant looked after by a good team with attention to detail… “proactive growing rather than reactive growing just has to be better “.

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