Chameleon: A Performance by Bob Kil at Glasgow Women’s Library

2:00pm-2:30pm, 16 July 2022

Chameleon is a performance produced with Hospitalfield taking place at Glasgow Women’s Library on Saturday 16 July 2022 at 2pm.

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Berlin based artist Bob Kil translates their written word to performance. Borrowing the language of pop culture, Kil appropriates it with simple repetitive body gestures. For Glasgow Women’s Library, Kil will showcase their ongoing series, Chameleon creating a meeting point between the suggestive movements and the oscillating soundscape.

Chameleon is produced by Hospitalfield with Glasgow Women’s Library and supported by Goethe Institut Glasgow.


The artist: 

Bob Kil
is an artist based in Berlin. They participated in the 4 week Autumn Residency at Hospitalfield in 2019 through a partnership with Goethe Institut Glasgow, selected by Tessa Giblin, Director Talbot Rice Gallery.

Bob Kil works within the realm of language, employing written and spoken words and introduces vocal and physical rhythms into performances. Often working with other professionals, including artists, dancers and techno DJs, they appropriate the format of poetry reading and borrow the vocabulary of pop culture. Alongside delivering performance pieces at various institutions such as Hammer Museum, Los Angeles (2022), KW Institute of Contemporary Art, Berlin (2019), DRAF x O2 Forum, London (2018), Thorvaldsen Museum, Copenhagen (2021), Kunsthal Gent, Belgium (2019), Aeromoto, Mexico City (2020), Le Plateau, Paris (2018), Holstebro Museum, Denmark (2021), Art Sonje, Seoul (2017), South London Gallery, London (2016), Bob Kil runs bobshop, a space for performances and readings in Berlin.


Image: Nina Beier and Bob Kil: Lifes, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, 16 February – 8 May 2022


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