LOCATION Autumn Season

5–6 September 2015

LOCATION is a weekend programme of talks, readings, workshops, interviews and discussions considering Angus writers past and present on Saturday and art writing on Sunday.

The programme includes

Giles Bailey

Peggy Beardmore

Jenny Brownrigg

Aimée Chalmers

Maria Fusco

Andy Jackson

James Robertson

Lisa Simmons

Heritage Tours and The Gruffalo drawing and writing activity

The full schedule and booking links are available further down this page.


There is a rich legacy of poetry and prose writers within Angus which continues today. Of note for this weekend are Violet Jacob (1863 – 1946) and Marion Angus (1865 – 1946). In the 1920s Montrose was the seat of a renaissance in thinking, art and writing with Jacob and Angus joining Christopher Grieve (Hugh McDiarmid), Fionn MacColla, Willa Muir, Edwin Muir and Helen Cruickshank alongside artists William Lamb and Edward Baird. This group were looking forward as well as drawing references from past east coast oral tradition. In 2015 the region continues to host many writers and story lines. Saturday’s programme will explore the historic and contemporary writers in Angus with talks, readings, discussions and workshops from Aimee Chalmers, James Roberson and Lisa Simmons.

More information about the 20th Century Scottish Renaissance…


Andy Jackson My Life in Poetry selection:

John Donne – The Relic

Andrew Marvell – To His Coy Mistress

John Betjeman – Indoor Games Near Newbury

Philip Larkin – At Grass

Charles Causley – Timothy Winters

Roddy Lumsden – Boomerang

Colette Bryce – The Full Indian Rope Trick

Sean O’Brien – Another Country


Image: Portrait of James Robertson.


Articulation, expression, imagination and reflection bind art and writing together. The phrase art writing is a short and convenient one, coming to prominence in the last 5 or 6 years, but doesn’t really give insight into the ways in which artists and art-interested writers locate their writing in relation to other aspects of their artistic practice and to art. Hospitalfield has been inspired by residents and colleagues who locate writing as art, in critique of art, and hand in hand with art: some see writing as their main activity and others a precious, rare occurrence; for some writing is totally private and for others it is the way their work becomes live and public. In short, to quote one of our speakers Maria Fusco and peers Michael Newman, Adrian Rifkin and Yve Lomax, “Art Writing is an anthology of examples” and “involves relations between people”. Sunday’s programme will explore examples of art writing through performances, talks and discussions from Giles Bailey, Jenny Brownrigg and Maria Fusco.

Read the article by Fusco et al…

Image: Giles Bailey in connection with his project The Last Day of the Railway Lands


Peggy Beardmore is conducting research into the 20th century at Hospitalfield through a PhD supervised by the University of Aberdeen and funded by The Hospitalfield Alumni Association. This is an important step forward in the investigation and understanding of the influence which Hospitalfield had as an art school on the art scene in Scotland during the last century. The PhD will result in both a published book and a thesis. One component of her research has been interviews with former students from the 1940 – 90s, many of whom are part of the Alumni Association. During LOCATION Autumn Weekend Beardmore will be conducting a series of private interview appointments with artists who studied here and will also do a public talk at 2.30pm on Saturday 5 September where she will share elements of her findings from this oral art history.

Pamphlet Series Workshop


On Sunday, we hosted a brunch discussion and workshop based on Hospitalfield’s archive project The Pamphlet Series (http://hospitalfield.org.uk/residencies/pamphlets/). The Pamphlet Series opens an invitation to reflect on a period of thinking and development such as a residency in the form of a two page A4 publication. The above gallery gives a representation of pamphlets produced by the following workshop attendees (in order):

Adam Benmakhlouf

Giles Bailey

Laura Simpson

Phoebe Hill

Martin Vincent

Jessica Ramm



Draft programme – times subject to change

All weekend:

11am – 5pm: open day, reading area, cafe – no need to book

11am – 5pm: in Studios family workshop space with caption activity connected to James Robertson’s translation of The Gruffalo – drop in no need to book

Saturday 5 September

11am – 3pm: Mortuary Chapel, Western Cemetery

Heritage Tours of the House:

12pm – 1pm: From main entrance

3pm – 4pm: From main entrance

Talks Programme – free, book here:

10.30am – 12pm: workshop with poet Andy Jackson for experienced and less experienced writers alike. The session will explore how everyday situations can inspire and inform writing. £5. Please book.

1pm – 2pm: Aimee Chalmers presentation on Marion Angus

2pm – 2.30pm: Lisa Simmons talk about Violet Jacob’s The Wild Geese

2.30pm – 3pm: Peggy Beardmore on her PhD research with Hospitalfield’s alumni

3.15pm – 4pm: Andy Jackson My Life in Poetry with Jennifer Williams, Scottish Poetry Library

4pm – 5pm: James Robertson in conversation with Lisa Simmons

Sunday 6 September

Heritage Tours of the House:

12pm – 1pm: From main entrance

3pm – 4pm: From main entrance

Talks Programme – free, book here:

11am – 12.30pm: brunch discussion and workshop based on Hospitalfield’s Pamphlet Series which opens an invitation to make a two page A4 publication to reflect on a period of thinking and development such as a residency.

12.30pm – 1pm: Maria Fusco reading of new work

2.15pm – 3.15pm: Jenny Brownrigg publication launch and talk on her approach to art writing

3.15pm – 4.15pm: Giles Bailey illustrated talk about his novel The Last Day of the Railway Lands , which creates an alternative present for the Caledonia Road area of London


Inspired by James Robertson’s translation of the well loved childrens book The Gruffalo (written by Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Axel Scheffler) our activity area will prompt you to draw your own characters and imagine what they would be saying.

Thanks to artist Joanna Helfer  and Kathryn Briggs who will facilitate this activity and to the publishers Itchy Coo and Macmillan for their support.


Other Events