6–7 September 2014

Timed to coincide with Heritage Week and draw on the artists’ stories within our painting and sculpture collection. Talks, performances, events, tours and a great café.

The Two Williams

Our Autumn Season, entitled The Two Williams, drew out the stories of two of the artists connected with Hospitalfield’s collection: William Kidd (1796 –  1863) and William Calder Marshall (1813 – 1894). The latter being a rather elder statesman and celebrated Victorian sculptor, the former a brilliantly humorous painter and perpetually unfortunate type.

The stories of these two artists are woven into Hospitalfield, through their friendships with Patrick Allan-Fraser, the artist who built the collection at Hospitalfield, and their letters within the archive as well as their works on display and within the reserve collection. Several such letters from William Kidd detail his requests for support and description of his financial strife. Although comic at points, the fragility of his situation which comes through the letters is a reminder that many artists, even today, walk a tightrope with money, living on little and needing deep commitment to carry them through.

For the Autumn Season, Hospitalfield presented all the works in our collection produced by the Two Williams and revealed more of their stories through a series of readings and talks based on their letters within our archive.

The Artists

William Calder Marshall (1813 – 16 June 1894) was a Scottish sculptor. Born in Edinburgh, he enrolled at the Royal Academy school in London in 1834. In 1836 he went to Rome to pursue his study of classical sculpture, staying for two years. He was commissioned for many public monuments including sculptures for the House of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Calder Marshall was  a friend to Hospitalfield’s Patrick Allan-Fraser for all of his adult life and became the first Chairman of the Trust set up on Allan-Fraser’s death tasked with setting up the organisation to support living artists much as Allan-Fraser had done in his lifetime.

William Kidd H.R.S.A. (c.1796 – 24 December 1863) was a prolific Scottish artist known for his comic depictions of cosy domestic scenes in romantic-era Scotland and England. He also illustrated works of various authors including Sir Walter Scott and Robert Burns. Kidd first exhibited at the Royal Academy in London in 1817 and he was elected an honorary member of the Royal Scottish Academy in 1849. Examples of his work can be found at Hospitalfield House, Stirling Museums, the National Galleries of Scotland and Tyne and Wear Museums.

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