A Grounding in Sound Workshop with Manchester Ear

6 August 2022

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Join Ryan and Hayley of The Manchester Ear to explore the environment of Hospitalfield through listening practices and acoustic technologies.

Focusing on the sounds of the site Ryan will guide participants’ on an exploration of the more than human environment – the acoustic connections between plants, soil, structures, bodies.

This workshop is part of the annual Beer & Berries Festival on 6 August. Find out more


Ryan Woods 
Ryan Woods is a sound artist and electroacoustic composer. His work explores place, ecology and community using fixed media, soundscape composition, field recordings and sound walks. He is currently undertaking a PhD in electroacoustic composition at the University of Manchester. He runs The Manchester Ear with Hayley Suviste.

Hayley Suviste is a sound artist and composer who regularly works across field recording, archival sound, electronic hardware and live instrumentation, creating music as a means to explore community and culture. Alongside her compositional work, Hayley works for The Radiophonic Institute as the lead producer of the Sound of the Year Awards and the assistant producer of The Oram Awards, as well as being a Graduate Research Assistant at the Open University under Dr Manuella Blackburn.

Hayley and Ryan founded The Manchester Ear to encourage communities to listen to the environment on excursions in and around the city. The project fosters greater involvement, understanding and appreciation for the locale, exploring ideas of acoustic ecology and deep listening while highlighting the well-being benefits for those taking part in soundwalks.

The Manchester Ear have been working with FEAST Journal developing a long term recording project at a community garden in South Manchester.


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