In 2019, Hospitalfield and the Friends Members commissioned Dundee-based artist Sekai Machache to create an etching for the Friends Edition. Those joining as Friends of Hospitalfield in 2019 receive one of these limited edition prints upon completion in Autumn 2019.

The Hierophant by Sekai Machache (2019, edition of 60) is a photo-polymer etching made by the artist using a miraclon plate in the Dundee Contemporary Arts Print Studio.

The desaturated etched image is from a photograph made by the artist of a figure sat in the Picture Gallery at Hospitalfield when the room was illuminated by the red light of Correspondences – a sound and light installation by artists Susannah Stark and Hussein Mitha in summer 2019. The image is the artist’s re-working of The Hierophant, the 5th card in the Major Arcana of the Tarot Desk and represents an established set of values or beliefs that are often correlated with religious or spiritual doctrines.

More info on Sekai’s edition and the Friends Programme