Short Sharp Stories

Hospitalfield is delighted to be taking part in a project supported by the Year of Stories Community Stories Fund; from the whisper of medieval publication to the cacophony of communication that we are experiencing now.

The New Scriptorium is a new public art work by Bobby Niven to be sited in the grounds of Arbroath Abbey, this little building, that takes its inspiration from the scriptorium or library that would have been part of the original abbey complex, will be the home of a programme of work celebrating the power of literacy and the written word.

Short Sharp Stories, part of The Arbroath Town Writers’ programme, will bring writers and young people together to focus on the skills involved in creating a short story. Hospitalfield is working with Arbroath 2020+2 and Historic Environment Scotland to develop this and the wider Town Writers’ programme. April 2022 to September 2022. Thanks also for funding from Creative Scotland and Angus Council Town Centre Funds.

Artists Website

Image courtesy of Bobby Niven 2021