Residents / Interdisciplinary Residency October 2022

  • Caroline Minchew

    Interdisciplinary Residency October 2022

    Caroline Minchew is a photographer and artist currently working and living in Brooklyn, New York.

    Using the landscape as an intuitive guide to understand and articulate personal and collective stories, she is interested in the idea of psychogeography and how spaces can be explored through movements based on how one feels over what one knows. Minchew works in various mediums including alternative and historic photographic processes and photographs using a large format camera. For the last five years, she has focused on platinum palladium printing and is published in the publication Platinum and Palladium Photographs: Technical History, Connoisseurship, and Preservation (Constance McCabe, ed. Washington: American Institute for Conservation, 2017).

    She has exhibited in galleries throughout the United States and has works housed in the permanent collections of the National Museum of American History and the National Gallery of Art Photograph Study Collection in Washington, D.C.

  • Fiona Crangle

    Interdisciplinary Residency October 2022

    Through her figurative paintings and drawings, Fiona Crangle studies moments of shift and change that demand a rewriting of a person’s worldview. She and her subjects connect through curiosity fuelled, exploratory exchanges that allow for collaborative decision-making around an image, reducing the passivity implied by the word “sitter”. Her work appropriates gestures and narratives from art history, and places them within a contemporary context.

    Crangle holds a B.F.A. and a B.E.d. and runs a mentoring style studio space. She also cofounded and is currently on the curatorial committee of a grass roots art centre, Critical Mass, which engages her small Canadian town in contemporary art experiences through residencies, installations and community projects.

  • Laura Collins

    Interdisciplinary Residency October 2022

    Using performance writing and installation art, Laura Collins dissects gender politics and analyses the way we interact with the natural environment. Currently, her work explores how the climate crisis exacerbates gender issues. Her creations are whimsical, poetic and bizarre, but firmly grounded in contemporary issues.

    Collins’ works include: ‘They Will Blame Chickens’ (Martin Myer Arena, 2018), ‘FREEFALL’ (The Burrow, 2018), ‘A Dog Called Monkey’ (Northcote Town Hall, 2017). Laura’s immersive art installation, ‘Plastisphere’, was presented at Grant St Theatre (2019), Melbourne Fringe (2019), Zero Waste Festival (2019) and Adelaide Fringe (2020). Laura has a Masters of Writing for Performance from the Victorian College of the Arts.

  • Marian Balfe

    Interdisciplinary Residency October 2022

    Marian Balfe is an Irish artist and designer based between Dublin and the midlands of Ireland. Her practice is multifaceted, and she uses a wide range of media and processes including drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and zines to explore fragmented connections to place. These connections are initiated through memory and experience of certain objects, people and animals of a place. Recent exhibitions have included ARTWORKS 2019 at VISUAL, Carlow & peripheriesOPEN 2019, Gorey. Marian holds a BA in Fine Art (Paint) and Visual Culture from the National College of Art & Design, Dublin and a BSc in Architecture from University College Dublin.

    Whilst at Hospitalfield, Marian Balfe will use her time to explore zines as navigational tools for unresolved, aspirational paintings.

  • Marilyn Longstaff

    Interdisciplinary Residency October 2022

    Marilyn Longstaff has written five books of poetry. She lives in Darlington and is a member of Vane Women.

    Longstaff is hoping that Hospitalfield will help her shape her next collection of poetry to include several sequences: Pit Brow Lasses about women who worked in the North of England coalfields (based on paintings at the Mining Art Gallery, Bishop Auckland); Eavesdropping – a sound diary. Poems about the experience of gradually losing her hearing;The Salvation Army Officer’s Daughter – a History of Leaving– something you leave but it doesn’t leave you, stitched as it is into the fabric of your being.

  • Martha Orbach

    Interdisciplinary Residency October 2022

    Martha Orbach is a visual artist living in Glasgow. She makes work about our relationship with the environment, migration, how we speak about the unspeakable, or make a home in the aftermath. Working with drawing, printmaking, and moving image she often combines analogue and digital processes, text and image, fact and fiction.

    She’s collaborated with musicians, communities, and scientists, including at Bethlem Royal Hospital, Glasgow Botanic Gardens, and Freedom from Torture. She studied at the University of East Anglia, London College of Communication and Camberwell College of Art. She’s currently developing work around the title – To Build A Home.

  • Michael Brailey & Callum Coomber

    Interdisciplinary Residency October 2022

    Michael Brailey is based between Manchester (UK) and Hamburg (DE). His work – often foregrounding text, screens and voices – has filtered contemporary anxiety through systems of data transfer, computation, evolution, body tension, ecology, ekphrasis and Love.

    He has hosted on radio stations including NTS and ma3azef, and has been written about in publications including Dazed, FACT and AQNB. He has performed, been performed or exhibited at Wigmore Hall, Royal Festival Hall, Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Snape Maltings (UK); ZKM, Kampnagel, LICHTHOF Theater (DE) and elsewhere.

    He also curates VIRTUALLYREALITY, an events series programming adventurous new music and performance in Manchester since 2017.

    Callum Coomber is a performer, composer and guitarist with interests in ecology, green politics, and multidisciplinary art.

    Last year Callum collaborated with composer MICHAELBRAILEY to create the online meditative experience ‘You, Copiphora gorgonensis’ which invites listeners to metamorphize into a grasshopper like insect. More recently, he has released two albums with the duo Besingende Gedalland – a venture spurred on by desires to connect with other people and with the more-than-human world.

    He is the co-director for the Manchester based events series VIRTUALLYREALITY and a member of the ensemble SHOAL.