Residents / Interdisciplinary Residency 2022

  • Celia Turley

    Interdisciplinary Residency 2022

    Celia Turley is a creative facilitator and cultural organiser. She creates spaces for conversation, collaboration, civic action and joy, propelled by a belief in communities’ power to develop solutions to the issues that affect them. Recent projects have seen her producing a co-created programme exploring the heritage of council housing and a forum theatre residency for people with lived experience of homelessness. Celia has been actively working to realign her life in recognition of the climate crisis. This sees her convening The Resilience Reading Circle, an arts-led reading group that nurtures creative strategies for radical resilience in the face of climate emergency.

  • Emma Pfeiffer

    Interdisciplinary Residency 2022

    Emma Pfeiffer is an architect and researcher based between London and the US. In 2021, she completed her graduate studies in the Department of Architecture at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Her thesis proposed a cyclical strategy of structural disassembly and material reuse, in the context of Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Queens, New York.

    She has practiced as an architect in New York City, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and London. Her own interdisciplinary work incorporates writing, object-making and architectural design. At Hospitalfield, she will be fabricating and choreographing the collaborative assembly of a small roof structure.

  • Natalie Vestin

    Interdisciplinary Residency 2022

    Natalie Vestin is a writer, artist, and infectious diseases researcher from Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA. She is the author of the chapbooks Gomorrah, Baby and Shine a light, the light won’t pass, and her essays and art have appeared in numerous literary journals. With E.A. Farro, she is the co-creator of “Science Love Letters,” a multidisciplinary project that explores how being a scientist is like always writing a love letter.

    While at Hospitalfield, she intends to create a body of work comprising text, art, and book-making as part of her multi-year project “A Field Guide to Invisible Landscapes.”

  • Phoebe Pryor

    Interdisciplinary Residency 2022

    Phoebe Pryor is an artist based in Amsterdam. She is intrigued by the systems of organisation we create, and the everyday personal rhythms. Collecting and cataloguing moments that catch her eye she attempts to create a (nonsensical) logic.

    After graduating BA History of Art from the University of Leeds she studied on the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at Kingston University. In 2019 Pryor was awarded the Atlas House Residency in Seoul. She is one half of the audio and visual collaboration ‘Mud Mike’ and continues ongoing collaborations with designers, musicians, DJ’s, illustrators and artists.

  • Yvette Bathgate

    Interdisciplinary Residency 2022

    Yvette Bathgate is a visual artist based in Aberdeen. She is interested in thinking and making through different collaborative practices; knowledge, skill and resource sharing, community building, supportive space making and working through structures of labour and care. Day to day Yvette works with different groups of people in hospital settings, schools and community groups, using art as a tool for social practice to build connection, relationships, wellbeing and resilience.

    Graduate of Grays School of Art Contemporary Art Practice, 2017, and Graduate in Residence 2018. Yvette works as a part of artist groups Tendency Towards and Tacts for Togetherness. She has recently shown work in Assembly House, Leeds; The Suttie Art Space, Aberdeen; Generator Projects, Dundee; The Barn, Banchory; Silvermuseet, Arjeplog Sweden.