Residents / Interdisciplinary Residency November 2021

  • Alison Lloyd

    Interdisciplinary Residency November 2021

    Alison Lloyd is a visual artist whose work, stretching back to the 1970’s, has been re envisioned for several exhibitions together with Jake, a book published by TG Gallery in 2014. Her talks and lectures have an emphasis on material developed from a fascination with documenting aspects of her life. She refers to her photographic series as ‘events’, which capture a range of speculative and choreographed happenings. During the pandemic (2020/2021) Alison visited a meadow-wasteland surrounded by a palisade fence, naming this site the #meadowbehindbars Between June 2020 and March 2021 she made four week long intensive visits for an instagram residency on The_Edgeworker

    On returning to an artistic practice in 2010 her work shifted to include walking as art and out of these experiences a PhD emerged, Contouring: Women, Walking and Art (2020). The thesis combines a critical, analytical discussion of women artists of the 1960s, 70s and early 80s with a reflective evaluation of the emergence of walking in her work. This return to practice was driven by her experiences as a hill walker, and from literature which foregrounds historical walking practices, largely within the field of postmodern sculpture. Her practice has adapted navigation, route-finding skills and contouring as artistic strategies, tools and processes.

  • Luke Fowler

    Interdisciplinary Residency November 2021

    Scottish artist, filmmaker and musician Luke Fowler (1978) has developed a practice that is, at the same time, singular and collaborative, poetic and political, structural and documentary, archival and deeply human. With an emphasis on communities of people, outward thinkers and the history of the left, his 16mm films tell the stories of alternative movements in Britain, from psychiatry to photography to music to education. Whilst some of his early films dealt with music and musicians as subjects, in later works sound itself becomes a key concern.

  • Mhairi Owens

    Interdisciplinary Residency November 2021

    Mhairi Owens is a community worker and poet based in Fife. She has Tutored in Creative Writing for the University of St Andrews’ International Summer School and Open Association. She was also Scots Languages Editor and Poetry Reader for The Scores literary journal. Her poems have appeared in various anthologies and journals and have won the Wigtown Prize, the Rhina Espaillat Poetry Prize and the Straid Collection Award. Her debut collection will be published by Templar Poetry in spring 2022.

  • Olivia Jones and Michelle Warner Borrow

    Interdisciplinary Residency November 2021

    Olivia is an artist, facilitator and bodywork practitioner working in Glasgow. Her work spans disciplines of drawing, sculpture, sound, video, dance and movement. She is interested in articulating gestures and slippery representation of the unconscious. Her practice is expansive and far reaching, utilising an array of different materials and concepts. Exploiting materiality to extrapolate small nuances.

    Michelle is a Dance and Movement Psychotherapist working in Machynlleth Wales. Her psychodynamic DMP training centres on the impact of early experiences. It incorporates movement and creativity as a means of communication and emotional, social, mental and physical integration. Working both verbally and non-verbally, I have engaged children in activities, including dance, imaginative play, story-telling and role-play, to work through cognitive and emotional difficulties. Her practice until more recently has been focused more clinically. She now wants to interrogate her creative desires in producing and choreographing.

  • Sophie Chapman


    Sophie Chapman is an artist, she organises and facilitates projects or groups, and plays bass in the punk band molejoy. Sophie makes films, props, music and publications – mainly in collaboration with other people. Since 2015 her main practice has been with Kerri Jefferis. Their work brings people together to play, improvise and question. Recent works include a scriptless film and card game made with amateur actors in south Leeds (Idle Acts 2019/20) and a video and workshop series (Oracular Theatre 2020) exploring speculative fiction. Sophie is currently drawing pastels of tail bones and researching how to grow up as a queer.