Residents / Interdisciplinary Residency May 2021

  • Alex Allan

    Interdisciplinary Residency May 2021

    ‘Alongside his finely tuned antennae into current art practice and a broad appreciation of sculpture and its traditions, Alex Allan also absorbs research material from experiencing the environment around him. That is to say his identity as an artist is constructed not only through his engagement with the Art World, but by his observance and understanding of the physical realities of urban life at this point in history.

    Alex graduated with an MFA in Sculpture from Edinburgh College of Art in 2011. More recently he has been engaged in a number of public art projects and is co-founder and operator of Govan Project Space in Glasgow, where he lives and works.

  • Camilla Brueton

    Interdisciplinary Residency May 2021

    Camilla Brueton’s practice interrogates the experience of place by exploring physical structures and reflecting on movement, social policy and differing perspectives. Emotions, like the weather, pass through and shape things.

    Research is done out in the field, in the studio and on the train. Artwork includes large drawings connecting distant places, ‘visual essays’ combining text and images, printmaking and spoken performance. With a MA in Drawing (2014, Wimbledon College of Art) and BA Fine Art Sculpture (2000, Kingston University) spatial concerns on the page and in three dimensions are important to her.

    Whilst at Hospitalfield, Camilla Brueton will be working on a visual essay exploring themes of loss, lostness and locality.

  • Fiona McGurk

    Interdisciplinary Residency May 2021

    Fiona McGurk is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work explores questions of agency, data accumulation and archive.

    Since graduating from Edinburgh College of Art, BA Painting (2012), Fiona has been the recipient of a number of awards; Creative Scotland Open Project Fund Award (2019), Hope Scott Trust Visual Arts Award (2016), RSA: New Contemporaries (2013) and Andrew Grant Bequest Scholarship (2012 & 2010).

    She has exhibited in the UK and further afield and has undertaken residencies nationally and internationally, most recently with NARS Foundation, New York (2019).

    Fiona is a studio holder and member of the board at Glasgow Sculpture Studios.

  • Ieva Grigelionyte

    Interdisciplinary Residency May 2021

    Ieva Grigelionyte is Lithuanian artist currently living and working in Glasgow, UK. She is intrigued in the meal as a complete social phenomenon which links nature, culture and the human body; external and interior systems colliding, mental perception altering everything; it appears highly complex and so simple at the same time.

    To unfold these ideas further Ieva employs taste as her artistic medium. Her research includes studies on eating, appetite, disgust and other ideas which tap into the magical realness of food. This reading is followed by experimentation with ice cream, which Ieva infuses with weeds, clay, chalk and further ingredients to recreate textures/flavours inspired by soil, asphalt, dust and other elements from the urban environment. Ieva wants to connect people to their immediate surroundings by opening their eyes (and mouths) to flavours and produce that grows invisible and unloved all around us. These radical though subtle kitchen/studio explorations enable her to create experiences that challenge our thinking through the gentle action of tasting ice cream.

  • Ione Maria Rojas

    Interdisciplinary Residency May 2021

    Ione is a creative practitioner working with earth, plants, communities and creatures. Dividing her time between the UK and Mexico, her work ranges from therapeutic horticulture and creative education, to printmaking, bookbinding and nest-weaving. In January 2020 Ione collaborated with Guapamacataro Centre for Art and Ecology in Michoacan, Mexico, to investigate the sourcing, processing and crafting of wild clay. More recently she has been experimenting with other ways of documenting earth and plant-based mediums, such as soil chromatography and ink making. She is interested in how such processes can shape and shift our interactions with our environment and each other.

    Ione Maria Rojas’ residency is support by an a-n Artist Bursary.

  • Lindsay Boyd

    Interdisciplinary Residency May 2021

    Lindsay BoydLindsay Boyd is an artist and curator based in Edinburgh. She has an MFA in Contemporary Art Practice from Edinburgh College of Art.

    Her practice includes drawing, sculpture and installation and is concerned with the notion of the façade and duality, playing with ideas that centre around fictions and falsehoods. Her work references theatrical set design, maquettes and prop making that invoke unidentified narratives. New research areas include choreography, notation of movement and queer feminist narratives in literature.

    Boyd is currently Assistant Curator of Hidden Door, Edinburgh’s alternative arts festival, and a Board Member of All or Nothing Aerial Dance Theatre. She is a Freelance Project Coordinator and also works for The Fruitmarket Gallery.

  • Phoebe Eustance

    Interdisciplinary Residency May 2021

    Phoebe Eustance is an artist and researcher based in London. At Hospitalfield Phoebe will continue to work on ‘Queering The Waiting Room’, a project that aims to open up a critical dialogue around embodied experiences of disciplined spaces, with an emphasis on clinical environments, institutional processes and their repetitive rhythms. Drawing from queer theory, which questions norms and rejects thinking in binaries, Queering The Waiting Room reimagines the institution as malleable.

    Queering The Waiting Room was shown in April 2021 in the form of a video essay at the 12th International Conference for Artistic Research hosted by the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Between 2019 and 2020 Phoebe participated in CAMPUS Independent Study Programme at Nottingham Contemporary. In 2020, they co-wrote ‘Reflections on Collective Knowledge Production’, published in The Contemporary Journal and ‘To all my sisters inside’, published in Futuress Journal. Phoebe holds an MA in Research Architecture from Goldsmiths, University of London and a BA in Fine Art from Leeds & Lisboa Universities.