Residents / Interdisciplinary Residency 2021

Selected residents from the 2020 Interdisciplinary Residency Programme postponed due to Covid-19.

  • Caroline Areskog Jones

    Interdisciplinary Residency 2021

    Caroline Areskog Jones is an RCA alumni whose hybrid, exploratory practice has a foundation in print.

    Drawing provides a mechanism of exploration and a fundamental component of research which evolves through the investigation of materials, repetition and working in series over time. With a Scandinavian heritage ‘nature’ infuses and permeates encounters, filaments reach through ideas within an uncertain space. Having spent time recently gathering research in the Hebrides, from the perspective of being on the water, in the weather, where humidity seeped through, and being aware of current ecological concerns regarding toxicity of the ocean, the aim in this residency is to utilise the time, facilities and local environmental histories to make a series of prints, perhaps an element in book form, as non-linear narrative. To use the processes of print, to absorb being in the locality will contrast with the use of purely digital artefacts as a means to develop a body of work.

  • David Fagan

    Interdisciplinary Residency 2021

    David Fagan’s work generally comprises multimedia installation and performance, with a persistent focus on consumer electronics, such as televisions and phones. Fagan is interested in creating intimate experiences using familiar objects. When these attempts inevitably fail, they ultimately speak to a more fundamental questioning of one’s ability to connect to another. Post-exhibition, the role of the work as art object is generally relinquished, devices and objects regain their prior utility. Fagan is currently exploring themes of identity and culture in suburban landscapes.

    Awards include Visual Arts Bursary from the Arts Council of Ireland 2019

  • Rachel Marsden

    Interdisciplinary Residency 2021

    Rachel Marsden is a curator, educator and arts writer researching transcultural studies, cultural and social translation, and curatorial practices in China and the Asia-Pacific. Also, interested in approaches to practice-based research, including publishing and writing as practice, and “pedagogies of practice” in learning and teaching.

    For this residency, Marsden aims to reignite her practice as a text and book artist by giving voice to invisible illness, impairment and disability in the arts. She will examine this personal aspect of her practitioner identity for the first time – publicly and critically – whilst establishing a dialogic community of practice in the region, to culminate in a self-published book.

    Supported by a bursary from a-n The Artists Information Company.