Residents / Graduate Programme 2021-22

An opportunity for Scottish art school graduates Thirty Places: three groups of ten artists Supported by the William Grant Foundation, Hope Scott Trust and Fleming-Wyfold Art Foundation. Programme Mentoring Circle: Artist Sekai Machache (Edinburgh), curator Eoin Dara (Head of Exhibitions Dundee Contemporary Arts) and writer/curator Tendai Mutambu (Bristol) and Cicely Farrer (Programme Manager Hospitalfield). We thank Dundee Contemporary Arts for their valuable partnership on the development of the mentoring Programme.

  • Anya Sirina

    Graduate Programme 2021-22

    Anya Sirina is a performance artist with a research and movement-led practice based in Glasgow. In her work, Anya plays with the audience-performer relationship to explore the dichotomy of vulnerability and empowerment. Anya saturates her movements with meaning through the use of repetition, creating an atmosphere of changeability or flux wherein actions seem violent, sensual and humorous all at once. Audience and performer travel through meanings and power dynamics together in an attempt to reach a catharsis.

    Anya Sirina graduated from BA Hons Contemporary Performance Practice at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in 2019.

  • Aqsa Arif

    Graduate Programme 2021-22

    Aqsa Arif uses the interdisciplinary mediums of poetry, photography, installation, printmaking and film to construct complex structures in which she explores the surreal nature of the human psyche. Her work draws from cinema as a medium, as she uses its architectural and spatial characteristics to represent states of mind which cannot be fully understood through rational study.

    Graduating from Glasgow School of Art in 2019, she received a First Class degree in Painting and Printmaking and now serves as founder and committee member of SaltSpace Co-operative. Recent exhibitions include RSA New Contemporaries 2020 and ‘Come Together’ at Tate Modern, London.


  • Benjamin Hall

    Graduate Programme 2021-22

    Benjamin Hall is an artist, gamemaker, animator, filmmaker and writer based in Glasgow. Benjamin graduated from Fine Art at the Glasgow School of Art in 2020, and with the cancellation of his degree show led the development of ‘DS2020 Simulator.’ The project recreated the cancelled show as a game, featured work by 136 graduates and was shown on BBC One. Benjamin is also a core.member of Chaos Magic’s ongoing SPUR programme, and cofounder of online arts community CherriHarari. His recent collaborative virtual world ‘Wretched Light Industry’ showcased 33 immersive environments, and featured on It’s Nice That, Hypebeast, and more. // @ueq__ on Instagram

  • Cat and Éiméar McClay

    Graduate Programme 2021-22

    Cat and Éiméar McClay (b. 1997) are Irish collaborative artists currently based in Edinburgh. In 2020, they each graduated with First Class Honours from Edinburgh College of Art with a BA (Hons) in Intermedia Art. Their practice considers ideas of queerness, abjection and patriarchal systems of power and oppression through an interdisciplinary body of work comprising video, 3D models, installation and digital collage. Recently, they have exhibited as part of Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2020, Wretched Light Industry and Circa, Class of 2020 amongst others. In addition, they have been selected for RSA New Contemporaries 2021 at the Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh and They Had Four Years at GENERATORprojects, Dundee. | instagram: @catandeimearmcclay

  • Chao-Ying Betty Rao

    Graduate Programme 2021-22

    Betty is an East Asian multi-disciplinary artist whose experiences in sex work heavily influence her practice. Her interests are often fringe as she believes what causes us discomfort speaks volumes about our culture and shared values. Her work often asks challenging questions that prompt us to re-evaluate our intuitive reflexes, with the aim of reaching a nuanced and more compassionate understanding of each other and the world we live in.

    Betty is a 2020 Glasgow School of Art graduate with a BA(Hons) in Painting and Printmaking. She also holds an MA(Hons) in Philosophy and English Literature from the University of Edinburgh.


  • Emelia Kerr Beale

    Graduate Programme 2021-22

    Emelia Kerr Beale graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2019 and now lives in Glasgow. At the moment they work across drawing, sculpture and textile to process the complexities of illness and centre feelings of discomfort and pleasure, anxiety and joy. Through the use of recurring motifs, they consider how imagination and the repetition of imagery can be coping mechanisms.

    They have recently shown work at GENERATORprojects, Dundee, and were part of Embassy Gallery’s GRADJOB programme in 2019/2020. They are currently working on a project commissioned by Disability Arts Online and Attenborough Arts Centre.

  • Heather McDonald

    Graduate Programme 2021-22

    Heather McDonald graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2020, receiving a First-Class degree in Sculpture and Environmental Art. Prior to her degree, McDonald studied and worked in industries such as prop-making, fashion and jewellery. Elements of these craft-based practices have informed and shaped her work to date. She draws on biological research rooted in physiology and genetics to create works exploring those themes utilising techniques such as embroidery, metal casting, fabric manipulation and fused glass. The works produced are complex and intricate blending industrial and craft techniques to a high finish.

    Upcoming exhibitions include RSA New Contemporaries in spring 2022 of which McDonald has been successful in receiving support from The Dewar Arts Award enabling her to create a new body of work for the exhibition.

  • Ivy Deacon

    Graduate Programme 2021-22

    Ivy can become obsessed; they create collections, assortments and playlists. Primarily using ceramics to validate and make real their obsessions that often start digitally. Whether this be an image of a swimming pool or the latest pop banger, there is a fascination with giving these obsessions a place in the physical world. A romantic desire for touch. A declaration of joy.

    Ivy wants to make more versions and more collections real through the tactile clay process. The work is playful and involves bringing people together.

    Ivy graduated from Sculpture & Environmental Art at Glasgow School of Art in 2019.

    Instagram: @ivy__deacon

  • Jacob Hoffman

    Graduate Programme 2021-22

    Jacob Hoffman is an artist currently based in Edinburgh. He graduated from Gray’s School of Art in 2019 with a BA in Contemporary Art Practice. His work is concerned with taking alternative readings of historical narratives, and re-situating them under queer terms. These ideas manifest primarily through photographic means, as well as digital collage, text and printed matter.
    Recent projects include showing as part of They Had Four Years graduate show at GENERATORprojects in Dundee and setting up Delphinium Press; a small-scale publishing platform with the aim of providing support to fellow artists as well as opportunities to collaborate.


  • Jek McAllister

    Graduate Programme 2021-22

    Jek McAllister graduated from DJCAD in 2019 and has since helped to establish Wooosh Gallery (the world’s best car park based A4 format gallery.)

    Her practice is always concerned with the everyday experience and is a process of collecting, examining and displaying artefacts such as; films, objects, gestures, language, etc, whilst embracing the
    circumstances and utilising what is to hand.

    Work on event based projects like the Orange Juice Club, DAIN HINGS and the PPPC (Powerpoint Presentation Club) have created a set of circumstances to bring people together in a space to do things, share
    skills, experiences and knowledge.

  • Julia Carolin Kothe

    Graduate Programme 2021-22

    Julia Carolin Kothe is an artist based between Glasgow, UK and Frankfurt am Main, D. She graduated with distinction from the Glasgow School of Art (2019, UK) and Kunsthochschule Mainz (2018, D) respectively. Her artistic practice moves between different media, materials and collaborative formats — at the crossroads of sculpture, text, sound, choreography and performance. The sculptural installations negotiate the (im-) possibilities of communication between (digital and physical) objects, spaces and bodies. Her practice evolves in non-linear acts or chapters based on narratives combining fiction and theory that respond to particular conditions of spaces and the bodies within it. The processual nature of her practice breaks away from the notion of a singular, finished work. Instead, her work offers the spectator a spatial, atmospheric, physical and psychological experience, casting an unforeseen light on particular environments and contexts.

    Recent works were shown at CCA: Glasgow (radiophrenia, 2022, Glasgow), Kunsthalle Mainz (2021, Mainz), Rosa Stern (2022, Munich), Queens Street Studios (2021, Belfast), POKY – Institute of Contemporary Art (2020, Mainz), ATLETIKA Gallery (2020, Vilnus), mañana bold (2019, Offenbach am Main) and Frankfurter Kunstverein (2018, Frankfurt am Main), amongst others.

    Yulia is the sonic and performative echo of Julia Carolin Kothe.

  • Kate Frances Lingard

    Graduate Programme 2021-22

    Kate Frances Lingard lives and works in Glasgow. At the moment they are thinking about care and accessibility in digital spaces. They are interested in the possibilities and complexities of decentralised and distributed technologies as shared infrastructure. Working with digitally created images, objects, environments, games and playing around with code, they hope to question systems that define how we act and live together. Currently, they are working with arebyte gallery on a show called ‘tender spots in hard code’ while learning to program through collaborative projects.

    Kate Frances Lingard graduated with BA (Hons) Sculpture and Environmental Art from Glasgow School of Art in 2019.


    Research dump-

  • Katherine Fay Allan

    Graduate Programme 2021-22

    Katherine Fay Allan is a interdisciplinary artist based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her work stems from personal experiences that resonate with concepts surrounding the human condition in relation to nature and technology. Themes that are regularly present are embodiment, ecology, and organic/inorganic materials. Katherine studied Art and Philosophy at DJCAD and graduated in 2019. Her most recent work ‘The rest of us… we just go gardening’ was awarded the ‘Healthcare Designed in Dundee Award’ in 2019 for its therapeutic nature and received the ‘RSA Art Prize’ in 2020. Currently, Katherine is investigating processes of consumption, microorganisms and gut feelings.

  • Kaya Fraser

    Graduate Programme 2021-22

    Kaya Fraser is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Perth, working with analogue photography, archives and amateur home movies. Through the use of memory work, the home, and its extended boundaries to the two schemes she grew up in, Fraser celebrates the forgotten practices of The Everyday Archivist. Whilst interested in the everyday and the modes of unconscious archives that exist in a working-class home, she encourages the remembrance of these practices and archives to highlight accessible culture and heritage during times of austerity. Since graduating, Kaya has begun developing a socially engaged side to her practice through the social research project for The Full Picture commission with Creative Dundee and was selected as the 2021 Emerging Artist in Residence in Socially Engaged Practice at Mount Stuart.

    Instagram: @theeverydayarchivist

  • Kiera Saunders

    Graduate Programme 2021-22

    Kiera Saunders (she/her) is a multi-disciplined artist based in London. She openly shares her art practice in collaborative projects, creating mythical joyous costumes and sets from throw-away materials. Later, becoming symbols for storytelling in her video practice. She creates multifaceted concepts surrounding feelings of anxiety during the climate crisis, transcending pain into joy through her craft.

    Since graduating from Edinburgh College of Art, Saunders has been selected by; CIRCA by Andrea Emelife (2020), Artsthread x i-D x Gucci (2020), RSA New Contemporaries (2022) and ASVOF by Diane Pernet (2020).

  • Kiên Denier

    Graduate Programme 2021-22

    Kiên Denier is a Vietnamese-born French research-based artist. Stemming from personal narratives, the issues of displacement, diasporic identity, assimilation and radical ambivalence are important concerns of his practice.

    Having graduated from the Glasgow School of Art with a BA(Hons), his practice is as much about the endeavour of making as it is its utterances, often expressed through trans-disciplinary collaboration and research-specific media.

    Non-native invasive plants overgrowing exhibition spaces, out-of sync automatons and screeching tripods, hovering kites and drones, his practice often manifests in objects aiming to resist the categorisation of sculpture and function, displayed and utilised through installation and performative gestures.

  • Lauren La Rose

    Graduate Programme 2021-22

    Lauren La Rose is an award-winning American multidisciplinary artist, and educator who advocates for equitable access to the arts and has worked with veterans, young people, and families impacted by the criminal justice system. Motivated by the personal and political, her practice investigates counter narrative and participatory video practices, expanding our definition of what it means to be mixed-race, disabled, and queer.

    Since contracting Covid-19 in March 2020 her practice has shifted from video to text based experiments exploring the power of personal storytelling and protest. Set within a social disability model, these works interweave historical references, personal experiences of racism and the role of social media.

  • Marie Hamrock

    Graduate Programme 2021-22

    The symbol of the speculum is deeply embedded in Marie Hamrock’s work. The word emanates from Latin meaning mirror and to look. A speculum is both a gynaecological instrument and a mirror. Within her practice it has served as a navigational instrument, a speculative lens through which to observe themes such as sexuality, the esoteric and post-humanism.

    Hamrock creates surreal worlds and alternate universes with complex narratives that are neither linear nor continuous. They exist in the nebulous space between fact and fiction.

    Marie Hamrock graduated from BA Contemporary Art Practice at Gray’s School of Art in 2020.

  • Marta Sanders

    Graduate Programme 2021-22

    Marta Sanders (she/her) is a writer when she’s hanging out with artists and an artist when she’s around writers, strangers, family members. Her practice explores writing as a site where borders between herself and others are porous and continuously crossed, and her body as the site of her writing. Since graduating from The Glasgow School of Art, she has tried to become an academic by starting and abandoning an MA in Critical Theory, and is now trying to embrace once again being a practitioner.

  • Natasha Thembiso Ruwona

    Graduate Programme 2021-22

    Natasha Thembiso Ruwona is a Scottish-Zimbabwean artist, researcher and programmer. They are interested in Afrofuturist storytelling through the poetics of the landscape, working across various media including; digital performance, film, DJing and writing. Their current project Black Geographies, Ecologies and Spatial Practice is an exploration of space, place and the climate as related to Black identities and histories. Natasha is interested in different forms of magic and is in particular drawn to the power of the moon.

    Recent presentations of work include: HUBCAP Gallery screening and commission (2021), Traverse Theatre Happenings (2020) and Origins Eile Exhibition for Dublin Fringe Festival (2020).

  • Owain Train McGilvary

    Graduate Programme 2021-22

    Owain Train McGilvary is a Welsh artist based in Glasgow working in moving image, collage and drawing. He is interested in modes of communication derived from popular culture and queer vernacular, through investigating the subcultures that engage with them. The work seeks to explore their intricacies through verbal, gestural and pictorial means, considering oral history, speculation, mass media imagery and archival material together as a way of collaging. He has been working with Chapter Arts Centre on a commission about the 1980s wrestler The ‘Sensational’ Sherri.

    He graduated from the MFA at The Glasgow School of Art in 2019.

  • Rodrigo Nava Ramírez

    Graduate Programme 2021-22

    Rodrigo Nava Ramírez is an artist and web programmer from Mexico City. Using computer code, websites, Augmented Reality, live streams, VPN settings, and geolocation, his work looks at exploiting the potential of cyberspace to transcend cultural, political, and physical limitations. He is interested in the ways in which the Internet presents alternatives to traditional and established temporal and spatial constraints.

    His current research looks at re framing digital technologies as decolonising and alter-anthropological tools through Mexica mythology and astrology. The digital as a space for non-performance and refusal, where mythologies are permitted to escape the limits of their representation.

  • Rosie Trevill

    Graduate Programme 2021-22

    Rosie Trevill is an interdisciplinary artist working predominantly in writing, sound, performance, sculpture and printmaking. Rosie’s practice centres around language and embodiment as acts of resistance and resilience, within both personal and societal frameworks. Her visual works and research are informed by queer and feminist discourse.

    She works independently and collaboratively, including delivering community projects. She has exhibited at venues across Glasgow, including the Gallery of Modern Art, CCA, House for an Art Lover Studio Pavilion and the Garment Factory. In 2022, Rosie will present new work at the RSA New Contemporaries.

    Rosie graduated in 2020 from Fine Art Photography at the Glasgow School of Art.


  • Sean Kemp

    Graduate Programme 2021-22

    Sean Kemp is a research-based artist interested in procedures of re-enactment, reconstruction and retelling. Stemming from an interest in theatrical conventions of storytelling and the object of the script, his practice draws into dialogue rhythms of rural, agricultural life with issues of fate, intention and recurrence. Using image-based media and sculpture, his installational works render the landscape as scenery as well as reimagining tools as potential props, inert and awaiting activation.

    Born in Angus, Scotland, Sean Kemp graduated in 2020 with a BA(Hons.) in Fine Art Photography from the Glasgow School of Art and has previously exhibited works at The Garment Factory (Hopelessly Devoted, 2019) and Studio Pavilion (Motherlode, 2019).

  • Sean Patrick Campbell

    Graduate Programme 2021-22

    Sean Patrick Campbell is an artist and musician living and working in Glasgow. Graduating from Glasgow School of Art in 2019, his practise uses photography to enter into a dialogue between ecologies of landscape & mythology – personal, cultural, political. His work spills out into rituals of text, sculpture and moving image; these are the interlocking parts of his inquiry into the physical and psychic structures that build Worlds. He is always looking for ghosts – of hidden pasts, lost futures and the ever-haunted present.

    Recent exhibitions include ‘TULPA’, a collaborative show at Bloc Projects in Sheffield with artist Allan Gardner, and ‘Imagining an Island’, a group show at Taigh Chearsabhagh, North Uist.

  • Sinéad Hargan

    Graduate Programme 2021-22

    Sinéad Hargan works with live performance, participatory performance, voice and film. Sinéad’s practice explores the romanticisation of grief, isolation and wild places. She creates new rituals and radically reshapes extinct traditions in order to access a deeper understanding and care for the world around us.

    Sinéad received the Bruce Millar Fellowship for a year-long research project in performance making at and around Scottish tidal sites. She is the Artsadmin BANNER Awardee 2019/20 and has presented work at Embassy Gallery; Fringe World Festival, Australia; Central Scotland Documentary Festival; and Cardiff Dance Festival.

    Sinéad graduated from Contemporary Performance Practice at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

  • Siobhan McLaughlin

    Graduate Programme 2021-22

    Siobhan McLaughlin is an artist and curator based in Glasgow. She graduated from MA Fine Art at Edinburgh University in 2019 and has since been awarded the SSA Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Award at the RSA and a film commission from the Tate’s British Art Network.

    Combining personal experience with compositional devices, such as sewing alternative materials, she creates non-traditional landscape paintings. Siobhan’s recent work has evolved from sketches gathered on residency in the Cairngorms, following Nan Shepherd’s writings in The Living Mountain. Through the sensory experience of walking, translated into the physicality of large-scale painting she processes ideas of place, memory, vulnerability and ecology.


  • Stella Rooney

    Graduate Programme 2021-22

    Stella Rooney is a Glasgow based artist who investigates labour from the perspective of both past and present. Considering the rise of the service economy and the decline of organised labour, her practice wrestles with the ghosts of deindustrialisation. Working with photography, moving image and archival material, she documents the ever-shifting image of workers and communities. These moving portraits attempt to illuminate some of the cracks within the system, with an intent to identify current and future points of disruption. She graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone in 2020 with a BA in Art and Philosophy.

  • Sweætshops®

    Graduate Programme 2021-22

    Sweætshops® is a self-taught artist presented as an impersonal “multipersonality conglomerate” creating allegories for social phenomenon from the waste of 21st century consumerism and pop culture. Their practice uses different configurations of sound, performance, video, disruption and public interaction dependent on project. Legally simultaneously married/divorced for Brexit, banned from the Edinburgh Fringe over “cultural desecration” and recipient of the 2019 //BUZZCUT// emerging artist award. Their work has variously been described as “performance art at its best” (The Write Angle) and “varicoloured and raw…the undeniable energy of a high doom” (Phasmid Press).

    They graduated from Sonic Arts (MMus) from University of Aberdeen in 2019.