Residents / Autumn Residency 2021

6 September - 3 October 2021 The Autumn Residency in 2021 was selected by Ghislaine Leung, Artist and Amy Sherlock, Deputy Editor, Frieze in Spring 2020. The residency was postponed due to 2021 due to the Covid-19 Global Pandemic.

  • Billy McCall

    Autumn Residency 2021

    Playing with the juxtaposition of nostalgic cartoon imagery and material alongside other cultural objects particularly Youtube videos, books and music, Billy McCall works to construct a syntax that plays with ideas relating to politics and cultural theory. History and the archive play a significant part not in reviving or restoring the past but to invoke ideas that are reflective through the past to inform and disrupt the present and future. Since completing the MFA course in Glasgow in 1996 McCall has exhibited widely and been involved in some DIY curatorial projects in Edinburgh and Newcastle.

  • Christopher Kirubi

    Autumn Residency 2021

    Christopher Kirubi is a London-based poet and artist who uses the mutability and promiscuity of images, objects and text to negotiate the limits of sexuality, gender, race and desire.

  • Dana Munro

    Autumn Residency 2021

    Dana Munro has exhibited in museums, institutions, galleries and artist-run spaces in Germany, Belgium, France, Austria, Switzerland and the UK. Recent solo and group projects include Shanaynay, Paris (2019); CACBM, Paris (2019); Cell Project Space, London (2018); TG, Nottingham (2018); Montague, London (2018) Wiels, Brussels (2017). Recent collaborative projects were held at Tate Modern and Raven Row, London (2019). An Artist Fellow at the Cité Des Arts, Paris (2017-18) and International Resident Wiels, Brussels (2015-16). Munro was a co-founder of the artist-run space Economy (2008-2015) and is a member of PUBLIKATIONEN + EDITIONEN.

  • Gordon Douglas

    Autumn Residency 2021

    Gordon Douglas is a performance artist based in Glasgow. He devises embedded positions, games and site-specific events that set out to investigate the performativity of collaborative working. His practice intends to engage in reimagining organisations, hosting programmes of unannounced activity, developing social research and occupying spaces of curatorial responsibility. Previous works include: celebrating Travelling Gallery’s 40th birthday (2018); keeping time throughout Cooper Gallery’s 12-Hour symposium (2019); and conducting a performative audit of CCA Glasgow’s open source approach to programming (2018-19). He is currently assembling a working group intent on proposing a non-human candidate to Scottish Sculpture Workshops’ Board of Trustees (2021).

  • Jennifer Martin

    Autumn Residency 2021

    Jennifer Martin is an artist filmmaker based in London. Her work and research explore the performativity of belonging and instability of images; these interests manifest in a mix of narrative and experimental pieces. Martin has exhibited and screened work in the UK and abroad. Recent screenings include Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival (Hawick), RIDM (Montréal), B3 Biennial of the Moving Image (Frankfurt), LUX (London), Videoclub’s Selected X (UK-touring), and European Media and Art Festival (Osnabrück). She was selected for the 2018 Stuart Croft Foundation Education Award, FLAMIN Fellowship 2019/20, and was artist-in-residence at Kingsgate Workshops 2019/20. Martin is a co-director of the black-led artist worker’s cooperative not/nowhere.

  • Myrid Carten

    Autumn Residency 2021

    Myrid Carten is an Irish artist who makes films for cinema exhibition and galleries. Using documentary and fiction, and often a playful combination of both, her work interrogates both the struggle for intimacy and the ways we are compromised by our pasts. She explores, with generous ruthlessness, the universal desire to be both known and hidden, and the costs involved in both of these complicated commitments. She is developing a new body of work around inheritance, family and madness in the Donegal Gaeltacht, through the support of the Arts Council of Ireland’s Next Generation Artist Award 2018-19.

  • Sekai Machache

    Autumn Residency 2021

    Sekai Machache (she/her) is a Zimbabwean-Scottish visual artist and curator based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her work is a deep interrogation of the notion of self. She is interested in the relationship between spirituality, imagination and the role of the artist in disseminating symbolic imagery to provide a space for healing. Sekai works with a wide range of media including photography. Her photographic practice is formulated­­ through digital studio based compositions utilising body paint and muted lighting to create images that appear to emerge from darkness. Sekai is the recipient of the 2020 RSA Morton Award and is an artist in residence with the Talbot Rice Residency Programme 2021-2023. She recently joined Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop as a board member and works for (SCAN) Scottish Contemporary Arts Network as an Artist Policy Officer.

    Sekai works internationally with her most recent work taking her to Brazil where she produced a cross-cultural curatorial project which was supported by a Creative Scotland and British Council partnership. She often works collaboratively, for and within her community and is a founding and organising member of the Yon Afro Collective (YAC).