Residents / Graduate Residency 2019

25 November 2019 – 8 December 2019 Selected by Sekai Machache, Artist (Dundee) & Anna Danielewicz, Artist and Programming Committee member of Market Gallery (Glasgow) with Hospitalfield. Supported in 2019 by the Hope Scott Trust.

  • Amelia Tan

    Graduate Residency 2019

    Amelia Tan works with performance and film. She reflects on both the bizarre and commonplace ways that people behave in public space. Looking at the way we frame ourselves within our surroundings, she believes all environments have the potential to be a stage, however mundane. Upon graduating from BA Intermedia at Edinburgh College of Art in 2018, Tan was awarded a residency at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop. In 2017, she founded a performance company – her film The On+on Company documenting their processes was nominated for the TENT Academy Award, Rotterdam. Since August 2019, she has been in residence at Meet Factory, Prague. 

  • Andy Grace Hayes

    Graduate Residency 2019

    Andy Grace Hayes is an artist and writer living in Glasgow. Since graduating with a BA from Edinburgh College of Art in 2018, he has self-published regular art criticism in GREASE COLUMN. His research interests have grown out of an attraction to institutional critique and that which is fictionally-driven and sexually-charged. In his work, Hayes plays with the expectation that criticism, and other non-fictions, must champion facts and reality.

  • Colm Guo-Lin Peare

    Graduate Residency 2019

    Revealing the intersections between digital reproducibility and the assimilative late-liberal cognitive schema, Colm Guo-Lin Peare’s practice aims to understand identity through subjecthoods determined by technologically produced alterity that resist the homogenisation of disembodied machine-learning processes. Drawing upon the body politics of decoloniality and queerness, Peare’s curatorial, administrative and artistic work explores whether corporeal precarity can be a consolidating framework that allows for a shared politics of solidarity whilst sustaining difference. (Written with GPT-2).

    Peare sits on the current committee of Transmission, recently contributed to the conference Reorganising Cultural Institutions at the Baltic, and is the Writer-in-Residence at Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival in 2019. Peare graduated from Fine Art: Painting & Printmaking at Glasgow School of Art in 2019.

  • Danny Pagarani

    Graduate Residency 2019

    Danny Pagarani is a musician, artist and occasional writer. Pagarani works collaboratively and as an individual. Danny is a dream of momentary, applied, coherence.

    Danny Pagarani graduated from BA Sculpture & Environmental Art at Glasgow School of Art in 2018.

  • Esther Draycott

    Graduate Residency 2019

    Esther Draycott is a writer, based in Glasgow, whose work is focused on experimental historiography and reparative criticism. Having graduated from UCL with a Bachelor’s degree in History, in 2019 she completed an MLitt in Art Writing at Glasgow School of Art, where she developed an interest in the formal, visual and ideological limitations posed by academic writing on queer, feminist and postcolonial narratives.

    She has recently completed a book, The Collector, exploring the intellectual manipulations and repressions held among bourgeois interiors. Other published texts include 1979: women’s style in four objects, exploring second-wave feminist fashion as a critical ontology.

  • Finlay Hall

    Graduate Residency 2019

    Since graduating from DJCAD in June 2019, Finlay Hall has spent his time making music, running an art gallery in a car park, sailing to Norway, signing on and off, and making various performances in Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

    His recent work “Free Caricatures (of me, by you)” is indicative of his approach to performance, often using the medium as a vehicle for audience empowerment – highlighting the audience’s responsibility for an event’s success by relying on them directly.

    He plans to focus his time over the next few months developing the written aspect of his practice – using this as a basis to make music, sculpture and performance.

  • Flannery O’kafka

    Graduate Residency 2019

    Working mostly within the medium of snapshot photography, amateur museums, and liturgical call and response, O’kafka is constructing a ‘fractured family album that hangs somewhere between an emotional document and a fiction.’  Though extremely personal, her work also engages photography’s problematic history of the picturing of illness, disability, and the suffering. Graduated in 2018 from Glasgow School of Art’s BA Fine Art Photography department, Flannery O’kafka has completed artist’s residencies in both the US and the UK as well as her first solo exhibition ‘Thin Blood / Thick Water ‘ at Stills Centre for Photography. Three of her works have been acquired for City Art Centre’s Scottish Photography Collection.

  • Hamshya Rajkumar

    Graduate Residency 2019

    By situating the body outside the constraints of binary structures, Hamshya Rajkumar explores what it means to be human in a world where ‘nature’ is separate, dominated and objectified. Networks of elements (such as water and air) are hijacked to illustrate borderless identities that extend to the non-human. Rajkumar choreographs situations to participate in the celebration of mutual empowerment.

    Hamshya Rajkumar graduated from BA Fine Art, Sculpture and Environmental Art at Glasgow School of Art in 2018.

  • Katrina Cobain

    Graduate Residency 2019

    Katrina Cobain is an artist, performer and customer service expert. Interested in the neoliberal world, she creates pieces which study professionalism, corporate persona and absurdities of modern life. Working across mediums including; performance, sculpture, video and writing, Cobain pokes fun at familiar routines and accepted everyday occurrences, such as precarious contracts and company codes. Research is the foundation for her practice, from reading economic studies to using local heritage to direct a work. Cobain is interested in discussing the intersection of labour and art practices, and how “jobs” influence “work”.

    Katrina Cobain graduated from BA Sculpture & Environmental Art at Glasgow School of Art in 2018.

  • Renèe Helèna Browne

    Graduate Residency 2019

    Renèe Helèna Browne is an Irish artist based between Glasgow and Donegal. Through an analysis of specific historical and contemporary narratives, Browne is concerned with feminist epistemology and the bodily experiences of that knowledge. This research is formed through video, writing, sound, and drawing. They have recently presented work at Português de Artes e Ideias, Lisbon, Glasgow School of Art MFA Degree Show 2019, Ones to Watch at CitizenM, Edinburgh Art Festival 2018, CCA Glasgow and Hotel Maria Kapel, The Netherlands.

    Renèe Helèna Browne graduated from the MFA at Glasgow School of Art in 2019.

  • Saoirse Anis

    Graduate Residency 2019

    Saoirse Anis is a Dundee-based artist, working primarily with sculpture and performance. She takes delight in exploring the relationships between materials, memories, and the essential movement which runs through everything. Interested in the value of empathy, she has recently been thinking about personal therapeutic processes, and how this relates to the ways we share our vulnerabilities with others. She is interested in the potential that lies in creative collaboration, and the extent to which it can nurture and inspire us, both personally and politically. She graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone in 2018 with a BA in Art & Philosophy.

  • Siri Black

    Graduate Residency 2019

    Siri Black is an artist and recent graduate of Glasgow School of Art BA Fine Art Painting and Printmaking. Her practice is the lovechild of pure anachronism and technophilia. Siri Black considers the sculptural qualities of film to test the intersections of the observer and the observee; image and image-carrier. Recent screenings and exhibitions include ‘Too little too late’ with Eleni Wittbrodt at Outlier, Glasgow, ‘They cry out through stones to each other’ with Tess Wood and Kien Denier at Stow College, ‘Creative Reactions’ in collaboration with PhD Engineering student Isha Maini at St. Enoch Centre, and ‘Excerpts’, a group screening at the CCA. Siri Black is currently working on an upcoming show at Lunchtime Gallery, Glasgow.