Residents / Interdisciplinary Residency November 2018

Selectors: Cara Ellison, games journalist and developer; and Jenni Fagan, novelist and poet.

  • Chris Alton

    Interdisciplinary Residency November 2018

    Visual Artist, UK

    Alton is an artist and curator, whose practice spans; documentary film, music videos, online interventions, clothing, disruptive design, live events and exhibitions. Whether deploying disco music in opposition to fascism or playing table tennis in competition with aggressive architecture, his work addresses an array of interwoven socio-political phenomena. His practice is research led and often interrogates symbolic manifestations of power, such as; coats of arms, Latin mottos, corporate identities, mythological weaponry and national flags. He works to destabilise or subvert their logic, revealing and undermining their shaky foundations through humour and play.

  • Eddy Dreadnought

    Interdisciplinary Residency November 2018

    Visual art, writing, UK

    Dreadnought is a visual artist working in Sheffield. His work uses drawing, writing, performance, video, found object sculpture, and significant research. It is preoccupied with horizontal structure, as opposed to the hierarchical vertical. It aims to raise questions about life – open questions posed in a poetic way. While a psychiatrist he completed a part-time BA (Hons) in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University, graduating with a first in 2000. He became a full-time artist in 2010, after an MA in Contemporary Fine Art Practice, and has subsequently exhibited and performed in a wide variety of settings.

  • Landon M. Perkins

    Interdisciplinary Residency November 2018

    Printmaking – Solo Printmaking Place during Interdisciplinary Residency, USA

    Landon M. Perkins is an interdisciplinary artist originally from the quiet suburbs of Tallahassee, Florida. Perkins earned his MFA degree in Printmaking from Syracuse University in 2017 and his BFA degree in Studio Art from Florida State University in 2014. Perkins currently works as a full-time Art Preparator at the Everson Museum in Syracuse, NY, and has artwork in various collections in the United States, Australia, Belgium, and the United Kingdom.

  • Linda Duvall

    Interdisciplinary Residency November 2018

    Video, Performance, Canada

    Linda Duvall is a Canadian visual artist whose work exists at the intersection of collaboration, performance and conversation. Her hybrid practice addresses recurring themes of connection to place, grief and loss, and the many meanings of exclusion and absence. Duvall has completed degrees in Sociology and English (Carleton University) and Visual Arts (OCAD University, University of Michigan and Transart Institute) and is currently a Professional Affiliate at University of Saskatchewan. Her work has been exhibited locally, nationally and internationally, including exhibitions in Guatemala, Ireland, Barcelona, Slovenia, Berlin, London and across Canada.

  • Luke Pell

    Interdisciplinary Residency November 2018

    Choreography and performance, Scotland

    Luke Pell is an artist based in Edinburgh, Scotland – a maker, curator, dramaturg – who collaborates with people and places, imagining alternative contexts for performance, participation and discourse that might reveal wisdoms for living. Working with words and movements – words as movements – to draw together seemingly unrelated constellations of bodies and thought their practice takes form as intimate encounters – poetic objects, installations, performances and designed environments – choreographies in print and in person. His curatorial and participatory projects create spaces for artists and experts from different fields and realities to gather to explore relationships between words and movement, periphery and community.

  • Matthew Seji Burns

    Interdisciplinary Residency November 2018

    Interactive Fiction, USA

    Matthew Seji Burns is a writer, composer, and video game designer based in Seattle. He writes stories, dialogue, and music for video games for a living, and also creates personal creative work including narrative-driven games, music, and cultural criticism. His interactive short story The Writer Will Do Something, co-written with Tom Bissell, was exhibited at the WordPlay Showcase in Toronto and received an Honorable Mention for Narrative at the 2016 Independent Games Festival. Some of his other writing has appeared in The Toast, Kotaku, and ZEAL.

  • Sharon Sekhon

    Interdisciplinary Residency November 2018

    History, USA

    Sekhon is a Southern California based cultural historian. She uses art as a vehicle for sharing history. In 2006, she founded the nonprofit organization the Studio for Southern California History and has collaborated with many different groups in order to document and share the social history of Southern California in order to foster sense of place.

  • Siuán Ní Dhochartaigh

    Interdisciplinary Residency November 2018

    Visual Art, Ireland

    Siuán Ní­ Dhochartaigh recently graduated from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, with a First Class Joint Honours in Fine Art and Visual Culture. Her degree showcase, which focused on the archives of Gallery 287, was critically acclaimed and earned her the highest grade in her class. Siuán continues to live and work in Dublin city, she has a studio-based, research-driven practice involving writing, video works, and performative engagements.

  • Skye Renee Foley

    Interdisciplinary Residency November 2018

    DIY, Spoken word and performance, UK

    Skye Renee Foley recently joined the weirdo DIY band Fallope & The Tubes to perform alongside them as a guest spoken word artist with post-punk undertones. She is an activist and advocate for gender identity discussions, attending national consensuses through Transgender Alliance to discuss and contribute to recognising transgender and non-binary requirements and status within current systems. She regards herself as a voice and an ally for people that identify as non-binary, transgender, genderqueer, gender non-conformist and/or intersex.

  • Tegan L. Smith

    Interdisciplinary Residency November 2018

    Artist, Canada

    Tegan L. Smith works across art disciplines in projects that have measurement and vibrant stuff in common.  Smith has exhibited work across Canada and in Italy, USA and Japan. She has a BFA from the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon and MFA from York University, Toronto. She participates in artist-run organisations and community events.