Residents / Interdisciplinary Residency May 2018

Selectors: Cara Ellison, games journalist and developer; and Jenni Fagan, novelist and poet.

  • Anna Zaluczkowska

    Interdisciplinary Residency May 2018

    Screenwriting, transmedia/multi-platform, UK

    Anna Zaluczkowska is head of screenwriting at the Northern film School and is an award-winning filmmaker and writer. She has had works screened at film festivals, on television, in museums and at live events. She continues to work as a screenwriter and her current interests centre round writing for transmedia and multi-platform production. As well as making transmedia productions, Zaluczkowska has been studying the practices and processes of large and small transmedia companies and the effects these have on their storytelling practices. Zaluczkowska regularly collaborates with other writers and artists.

  • Benjamin Davis

    Interdisciplinary Residency May 2018

    Interdisciplinary Visual Arts Practice, Canada

    English-born visual artist Ben Davis has taught and exhibited widely. His work resides in collections in Canada, England, USA, Botswana, and Australia. Since moving to Canada in 2008, Davis has taught at Brandon University, where he is Adjunct Professor in the Department of Visual and Aboriginal Art. The study of land underpins much of Davis’ work, its many forms and the multiple ways it may be understood. Through an interdisciplinary, often collaborative, research practice, he explores and responds to the physical and socially-constructed terrain of a location. Davis has been awarded two Banff Residencies and has won multiple grants.


  • Eleanor McCullough

    Interdisciplinary Residency May 2018

    Printmaking – Solo Printmaking Place during Interdisciplinary Residency, UK

    At the heart of McCullough’s practice lies the problematic of ‘originality’ and the status of the copy in our image-saturated culture of excess. She engages with a variety of media including printmaking, casting, and digital media to challenge the ‘problem’ of the copy-as-a-work-of-art, prove the creative potential of multiplicity, and propose the inadequacy of the dominant discourse of originality. Since graduating, she is a studio holder with WASPS in Edinburgh funded by the Artists’ Collecting Society residency award. She is a member of Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop and Edinburgh Printmakers.


  • Heather Sincavage

    Interdisciplinary Residency May 2018

    Performance Art, USA

    Heather Sincavage is an interdisciplinary artist using drawing, sculpture, installation and performance as part of her studio practice. She received her BFA from Tyler School of Art, Temple University and her MFA from University of Washington. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally in over 40 solo and group exhibitions. She was a fellow at Can Serrat International Art Center, Spain; Arteles Creative Center, Finland; Artix Creative Espacio, Spain, and Vermont Studio Center. She has also attended the NES Artist Residency, Iceland and SIM Artist Residency, Iceland. In 2015, she was a Fulbright Scholar finalist to Lithuania.

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  • Janine Soper

    Interdisciplinary Residency May 2018

    Architecture, USA

    Janine Soper is a Brooklyn-based architectural designer originally from Massachusetts. She received her Master of Architecture degree from the Rhode Island School of Design and has worked on design competitions, residential, cultural, and institutional projects in New York architecture offices. She volunteers for the Cape Cod Modern House Trust. In 2017, she was an architecture fellow at the Omi International Arts Center. She is a founding partner of Collected Matters, a research-based architectural design studio.

  • Linda Rae Dornan

    Interdisciplinary Residency May 2018

    Video, Performance, Installation, Bookworks, Canada

    Linda Rae Dornan’s art practice is performative and interdisciplinary, inclusive of video, installation, performance, sound and writing. Each feeds into the other exploring how we speak/communicate and connect to each other and the land around us through voice and body, language and place. She has won the Strathbutler Award, the Linda Joy Award, has been the recipient of many grants and has shown/screened her work across North and South America, China and Europe. She lives in Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada beside the Bay of Fundy.

  • Meg Peacocke

    Interdisciplinary Residency May 2018

    Poetry, UK

    Born into a musical family in 1930, Peacocke read English at Oxford and spent most of her time on music (singing, playing the oboe.) She taught and travelled, continuing to teach after having a family of four children. Work for the Samaritans led to studying counselling in 1980. Following this Peacocke kept a smallholding in the high Pennines, living self-sufficiently as far as possible. She started to publish poetry in 1995 alongside working as a freelance counsellor and running workshops. She received a Cholmondeley Award in 2005 and recorded poems for the Poetry Archive in 2015. In 2010 she left the farm and now lives in Barnard Castle in County Durham.

  • Nick Cole-Hamilton

    Interdisciplinary Residency May 2018

    Linear and non-linear audio design, UK

    Cole-Hamilton is a recent graduate with distinction of a Sound Design MSc at Edinburgh University. Although this was an audio focused masters he also explored and experimented with game development, and video content creation, not shying away from the visual arts. Cole-Hamilton grew up in a coastal village in Fife. This instilled a love for the wild, craggy coastlines and rolling farmlands of the region, and he believes this is something which comes through in his audio work. Crashing waves, crying gulls and whistling winds combine with the dry crackling leaves under foot and fires in the hearth.

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  • Orlaith Treacy

    Interdisciplinary Residency May 2018

    Visual Art- Curating & Producing, Ireland

    Orlaith Treacy is an independent curator and a project producer, working with Callan Workhouse Union, a developing facility and commissioning agency for visual art, architecture and design, since January 2016. Orlaith programmed and produced the festival arts programme, Inhabitants, in Callan in 2016 and 2017 with Trasna Productions. She completed a Masters in Curating Contemporary Art with Limerick School of Art and Design as Limerick National City of Culture 2014 scholar. She was Assistant Curator with Askeaton Contemporary Arts during Welcome to the Neighbourhood 2014. Orlaith was Director of Occupy Space from 2012-2014, a visual art organisation based in Limerick.

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  • Sophie Cunningham

    Interdisciplinary Residency May 2018

    Conceptual art, Exhibition Production and Arts Education, UK

    Originally from the West Midlands, Cunningham developed and formed her art practice at Glasgow School of Art. In 2015 she was awarded the Royal Scottish Academy’s John Kinross Scholarship, where she travelled to Florence to make artwork, which was later exhibited in The Grace Cark Fyffe Gallery for solo exhibition The Flood. Since moving to London in 2016 she worked on various TV and film productions using her skills as an artist to produce sets. In 2017 she progressed to managing artist-run gallery Shotgun Studios, where she produced and curated group exhibition Strange Lands, among other events.

  • Suchitra Choudhury

    Interdisciplinary Residency May 2018

    English Literature, Textile and Design History, UK

    Originally from Delhi, Suchitra Choudhury is an independent design historian and literary critic. She completed her Ph.D. in English literature from the University of Glasgow, where she researched British imperialism and nineteenth-century literature. Choudhury has published articles in academic journals. Currently, she is engaged in writing a monograph on how writers such as Wilkie Collins, William Thackeray and Walter Scott view Cashmere and Paisley shawls in their writing. Her research explores the often overlooked links between industry, art and literature, and the ways in which original artefacts compare with imitation objects.