Residents / RSA Residency 2016

Part of the Royal Scottish Academy of Art & Architecture Residencies for Scotland scheme. Awarded in 2015.

  • Carrie Fertig

    RSA Residency 2016

    UK/ USA, Visual Art and Performance

    Carrie Fertig creates sonic and visual environments for transformative experiences. She employs flameworked glass in an interdisciplinary practice incorporating sound, light, fire, electronics, dance, and film to address emotional, spiritual, and physical states and thresholds. Whilst at Hospitalfield on a Royal Scottish Academy Residency, she will be developing a series of passing places: sound, film, performance, installation, and mobile works based on the physical, social, and metaphysical events of death. What kind of sensory environment might be compelling as a place to die? From New York originally, she lives and works in Edinburgh.