Residents / Interdisciplinary Residency August 2016

Selectors: Nick Parr, Chief Executive Officer, Rep Theatre, Dundee; Jenny Jamison, Director of Artistic Planning, Scottish Ensemble.

  • Chloe Reith

    Interdisciplinary Residency August 2016

    UK,  Curation

    Chloe Reith is a curator and writer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Since 2013 Chloe has been Curator of Exhibitions at Inverleith House, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh where she has curated exhibitions by Nicolas Party, Raoul De Keyser and Tony Conrad. Independent projects include Objects from the Temperate Palm House, Bargain Spot Project Space, 2016, and Reality and Constructed Factual, a group exhibition of early career artists, as part of the Art Sheffield 2013. She will present Sinkholes and Broken Telephones as part of the 2016 Edinburgh Art Festival. Chloe has written for Kaleidoscope, Corridor8, thisistomorrow Line and Scottish Arts News.

  • Felicity Allen

    Interdisciplinary Residency August 2016

    UK, Art & Writing

    An artist and writer, Felicity Allen’s practice traverses the studio, the social and the institutional. Her series of Dialogic Portraits, produced in a range of media, models this. Having taught in art schools, she led the Education department at Tate Britain and conducted a durational project Nahnou-Together with colleagues in Amman, Damascus and London. She was one of two founder-members of the Womens Art Library. Having published several articles from her guest scholarship at the Getty Research Institute (2012+), Felicity has recently completed a practice-led PhD which reconsiders artistic labour. Her work is collected by Tate and published by MIT/Whitechapel.

  • Guillaume Brisson-Darveau

    Interdisciplinary Residency August 2016

    Canada,  Sculpture, video

    Guillaume Brisson-Darveau lives and works in Montréal, Canada and holds an MFA from Université Laval in Quebec City. His work has been presented in Canada, Switzerland and Japan, including at Arprim, Montreal in 2012, Diagonale, Montreal in 2013 and Open Studio, Toronto in 2014. Brisson-Darveau has carried out several artist residencies in Canada and abroad, such as at the Banff Centre, 2015, and NES in Iceland, 2015. His research has received support from the Conseil des arts et Lettres du Québec as well as the Canada Council for the Arts in 2015.

  • Hazel Ruth Dunn

    Interdisciplinary Residency August 2016

    UK,  Design (Textiles and Illustration)

    Hazel Dunn is a Textile Designer, Illustrator and Printmaker based in Glasgow, Scotland. She splits her time between Freelance projects and her own home-ware textiles brand, Rayha. Hazel enjoys adopting a layered approach when creating her imagery, and works with collage, line work and mixed media to create patterned work that is both visually engaging and tactile. Work is most frequently influenced by elements of nostalgia and contrasting visual cultures.

  • Lois Schklar

    Interdisciplinary Residency August 2016

    Canada, Mixed Media Sculpture and Drawing

    Lois Schklar’s work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions throughout Canada and the United States. Her sculptures are in the Bronfman Collection, Claridge Investments, Cambridge Art Gallery and Key Corporation. Schklar has received numerous grants. These include a Toronto Arts Council Grant to Individuals, several Ontario Arts Council Project Grants, OAC Exhibitions Assistance Grants and Canada Council Grants. In 2013 she was awarded an Ontario Arts Council Multi/Integrated Arts Project Grant. Currently she is co-curating an exhibition, The Art of Packing (2019), for which she received an OAC Visual Artist Project Grant for Research and Development (2014).

  • Meg Held

    Interdisciplinary Residency August 2016

    UK, Printmaking – Solo Printmaking Place during Interdisciplinary Residency

    Repetition of routines and structures found in nature, human behaviour and in architecture form the basis for research and creation in Meg Held’s practice. Her work is characterised by strong colour pallets and bold shapes that are balanced with linear and textural elements derived from her findings. Born in 1988 and raised in Northumberland, Meg gained her BA from The Glasgow School of Art and undertook 6 months study at DesignSkolen Kolding, Denmark. She work’s across a range of mediums including printmaking, collage and three-dimensional arrangements.

  • Rosanna Catterall & Emily Hawes

    Interdisciplinary Residency August 2016

    UK,  Visual Art

    Em Hawes graduated from MFA Fine Art at the Slade School of Fine Art in 2014 and continues to live and work in London. Rosanna Catterall graduated form BA Fine Art at Falmouth University in 2012 and lives and works in Sussex as a resident artist at Christ Hospital school. Both have been awarded scholarships and prizes and continue to exhibit their work regularly. Rosanna Catterall won the Midas award in 2012 and Emily Hawes was awarded the Leverhulme scholarship at Wysing Arts Center in 2015.

  • Shakti Gomez

    Interdisciplinary Residency August 2016

    Spain / UK,  Performance and Visual Art

    Shakti Gomez is a performance and a visual artist, originally from Spain, who has  worked at the fringe of different disciplines, especially live art, visual arts and dance. She explores human anxiety, mortality and the relation between the self and the other; the inter-experience. These ideas inform her work which often has an autobiographical element or follows the biographies of others that she encounters in life. Her work is also linked to everyday life and banal objects that, through her performances, are extended beyond their usual meanings,  transforming them into singular objects that can represent a person’s inner state or experience.

  • Sophie Mallett

    Interdisciplinary Residency August 2016

    UK, Visual Art – selected with Tottenham Hale International Studios

    Sophie Mallett is a London based artist. Her practice is concerned with forms of belonging and exclusion, and how these manifest through national borders, capital and migration. Through music, radio, video and installation she pursues a practice focused on sounds’ intersection with affect, politics and value, concentrating on the connections between sound, music, history and place. Educated at Open School East, London College of Communication and Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Mallett’s practice is both interdisciplinary and collaborative, with a reflexive emphasis on how individuals work together. Recent projects include: ‘Paradise Island’, OUTPOST, Norwich (2017); ‘Hypersea’, Turner Contemporary, Margate (2016); Artist-in-residence, [SPACE], London (2016); Horrid Little Hands, Eastside Projects, Birmingham (2016); Liminal States, RCA, London, (2016); Project Radio, &Model, Leeds, (2015); Live ASMR, Resonance FM and Open School East, London, (2015); Sonic Blind Dates, Tate Britain, London, (2015).