Residents / DD Artists Residency 2016

  • Holly Keasey

    DD Artists Residency 2016

    Holly Keasey is an artist working in and from Dundee. Her research-based practice focuses on water as a tool to criss-cross theory and ecological concerns. This is accompanied by a concern about the accepted roles for contemporary art and how these understandings are a result of a capital system. This approach has included being Chair-person for the Generator Projects Committee and lead-artist for the Clyde River Foundation. More recently, Holly has produced collaborative designs which consider a role for aesthetics within Water Sensitive Urban Design models with artist Jessie Giovane-Staniland, an expansion of her artistic research into the political agency of architecture at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm. She is also in the process of producing new work for the exhibition For Sensitive Skin to open at Verdant Works, Dundee in July 2016.