Residents / Interdisciplinary Residency April – May 2014

  • Amy Todman

    Interdisciplinary Residency April – May 2014
    UK, Book Art/Writing, Drawing, Painting
    Amy Todman is an artist and researcher based in Glasgow. Her creative practice incorporates writing, drawing, painting, printmaking, film and book works and is often focused on fieldwork or journey. Through these mediums she explores questions of process: creative and personal as well as addressing wider cultural issues. She has recently completed a PhD at the University of Glasgow considering the development of the idea of landscape in Britain over the period 1610-1750. Her research interests address aspects of drawing, emblem and pictorial languages over the early modern period with a particular focus on records of place.

  • Bronwyn Platten

    Interdisciplinary Residency April – May 2014
    UK, Visual Art/ Research/ Writing
    Bronwyn Platten is an artist and researcher whose work intersects the disciplines of arts and healthcare with particular focus upon embodiment, gender, sexuality and identity. Her artworks and performances have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions internationally in venues including the Australian Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia; TATE Modern, UK and the Substation, Singapore. Bronwyn has also collaborated with diverse communities and individuals to create exhibitions and events in public spaces, hospitals and galleries in the United Kingdom and Australia.

  • Daniel Parcell

    Interdisciplinary Residency April – May 2014
    UK, Music

    Daniel Parcell studied composition at the RSAMD, Trinity College of Music, and Wesleyan University in the United States. He is the recipient of a Fulbright studentship, and an AHRC award for studies in performance at the Central School of Speech and Drama. Plays piano, viola, guitar and organ. Output includes music for orchestra, voices, chamber ensembles, solo instruments with and without electronics, also music for theatre. His research interests include phenomenology of sound, and the role of interpretation in composition and performance.

  • Emma Paterson

    Interdisciplinary Residency April – May 2014
    UK, Printmaking
    Emma Paterson has recently graduated from The Glasgow School of Art where she studied Fine Art: Painting & Printmaking. During her time there she developed a passion for printmaking, particularly etching, and used the printmaking mediums to create the majority of her work. Paterson’s current practice explores the interplay between the natural and the man made with recent work focusing primarily on industrial structures. She intends to continue this investigation between the organic and the artificial and incorporate other forms of architecture, considering all buildings and their relationship with their surrounding area.

  • Geneva Sills

    Interdisciplinary Residency April – May 2014
    USA, Photography
    Geneva Sills works as a fine art photographer. She is currently exploring the suspicious nature of autobiography through the use of commercial lighting and modelling. She utilizes self-portraiture and arranges herself in scenes with props that reference pictures of great artists found in the introductions to catalogues or throughout post career biographies.
  • Joan Lennon

    Interdisciplinary Residency April – May 2014
    Canada, Writing

    Joan Lennon was born in Canada in 1953 and came to Scotland in 1978, where she married and had four sons.  Currently, her working life is built around writing fiction for 5-7 year olds, 8-12 year olds, less robust readers, and teenagers. She also has a full schedule of school, festival and library visits and runs creative writing workshops for all ages.

  • Khalid Alsayed

    Interdisciplinary Residency April – May 2014
    UK, Moving Image, Theory, Writing
    Khalid Alsayed has a background in interdisciplinary practice; making artwork that is informed by philosophical/theoretical study and producing theoretical and creative writing that is influenced by artistic production. His subjects tend to revolve around aspects of current popular media, their influence on society and behaviour. The work that he produces tends to become what he refers to as ‘machines for fictions’ from which he creates layers of fragmented narrative readings. He works in moving image, photography, sculpture and installation. Underlying all of his work is his commitment to practical education; learning through making.
  • Lucy McGreal

    Interdisciplinary Residency April – May 2014

    UK, Physical Performance and Film

    Lucy McGreal is a performer, theatre maker and practitioner based in Scotland. Her work is primarily performance related, although her work takes her into facilitating projects in vulnerable community settings using clown and circus skills. Her theatre work is inspired by real life events, experiences and people within the community. Working with clown, physical storytelling and music Lucy works with creating a voice for people who have a story to tell and communicating that to an audience in a unique theatre setting.

    Lucy has worked with Stella Polaris Theatre (Norway), and has a BA (hons) in Creative & Performing Arts (2005) and an Advanced Diploma in Physical Theatre Practice from the Adam Smith College (2007). Lucy works using her clowning techniques with Arts in Health company Hearts & Minds, Edinburgh as a Clowndoctor and Elderlower practitioner working with vulnerable children and the elderly in health care environments.

  • Nadia Rossi and Ruby Pester

    Interdisciplinary Residency April – May 2014
    UK, Collaborative Practice: Performance and Participation
    Pester and Rossi are a collaborative artists duo based in Glasgow. They produce interactive live projects across Scotland. Their practice focuses on challenging conventional or accepted perceptions of modern day existence. They use humour, play and bold aesthetics to create actions that respond to and are fuelled by their experiences of everyday life. Their work takes place between the gallery and the public realm, facilitating temporary environments and encompassing a variety of media including; installation, performance and inflatable sculpture. They work site specifically, responding to locations and communities; exploring relationships between media, artist and society. They also facilitate educational workshops, initating creative exchange between themselves, children and young people in Scotland.
  • Nick Gordon

    Interdisciplinary Residency April – May 2014
    UK, Visual Art

    Nick Gordon’s interests originate from the finding of objects and ideas within our environment and culture. Gordon is fascinated by the creative process and ability we possess to materialize ideas through making. His work is currently in dialogue with this thought, using various means to create, alter, instill or derive something other from what is at hand; a formulation of ideas and thought in matter.

  • Seth Ellis

    Interdisciplinary Residency April – May 2014
    USA, Writing and Experience Design
    Seth Ellis is Assistant Professor in the Stamps School of Art & Design at the University of Michigan. He is a narrative artist and interface designer; his work draws upon local history, allegorical narrative, and experience design to create stories both historical and fictional in new, experiential forms. These narratives are designed experiences that use both physical and digital tools, including signage, locative media, video, and audio. Ellis’ projects have shown in galleries, streets, symposia and festivals throughout the U.S. and Europe, and at a few places in the Atlantic Ocean.