Young Artist Club

Young Artist Club

Young Artist Club 2021 was a 27-week project aimed at young people aged 14-18 based in Angus who met each Saturday, 10am-3pm. Participants were recruited through an open call process, and through our  local partners and was an opportunity aimed at young people who have barriers to accessing arts.

Young Artist Club is an opportunity to work alongside artists and try new things out. The key aim is for the participants to recognise their own creativity and form a peer group with shared ambitions and ideas.

This year’s Young Artist Club starts on 7 May 2022 and runs for 20 weeks. It is led by Dundee based artist Becky Brewis, assisted by DJCAD Art & Philosophy student Persy Russell. They bring their own art skills and creativity to the weekly project, working in a fluid way that allows the participants to help shape the direction the weekly meet-ups take.

2021 Young Artist Club was led by Dundee-based artist Amy Jones, assisted by Arbroath-based Kristina Aburrow and Rachel Simpson.

If you are interested to know more please email or call 01241 656 124.

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Young Artist Club 2022 is funded by the Power of Youth Fund, Angus Council

Young Artist Club 2021 was funded by the Youth Arts Fund, Creative Scotland


The Power of Youth

Block One - 2022

May – June

In the first few weeks of Young Artist Club 2022 the group have been getting to know Hospitalfield a little better, working in groups to make pictish standing stone drawings using stencils rubbings and frottage from textures around the garden. Week 2 saw the group inspired by the carvings in the house to make their own self symbols in soap and exploring mindful looking and Miksang inspired mindful photography, a form of contemplative photography that asks us to see our world in a new way.

Inspired by the tapestries in the house Young Artist Club worked individually colourful paper weaving and on looms then collaboratively o make woven compositions with found and natural items and wool.

This Year's Team

We are pleased to announce artist Becky Brewis as the Lead Artist for Hospitalfield’s Young Artist Club in 2022. Becky will be joined by Art Education Assistant Persy Russell.

Becky Brewis is an artist from London now based in Dundee. Her drawings, textiles and installations explore how the past permeates the present, psychologically and materially. She won the Fleming-Wyfold Art Foundation Bursary (2021) and Degree Show Purchase Prize at ECA where she completed an MFA (2021), having previously studied on the Royal Drawing School’s funded postgraduate programme (2015-16).

In 2018-19 Becky was artist in residence at the Centre for Philosophy and Visual Art at King’s College London. She was selected by Tina Keane for Visions in the Nunnery 2018 and was shortlisted for the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2017. She has been awarded residencies in Ireland, Finland, the Netherlands, at Hackney’s Space Studios and in Scotland at Dumfries House, Embassy Gallery and Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop.
Becky has taught at the Royal Drawing School, House of Illustration and the Barbican, London.

Persy Russell is an artist based in Dundee, currently studying at Duncan Jordanstone College of Art & Design – in the final year of their Art & Philosophy degree. Working within both visual and textual poetics their practice primarily employs drawing, printmaking and ceramics. This work often engages with such disparate ideas of dialectical imagery, abjection and the radical transformative power of magical thinking. Recent projects include a magical wish granting clay fish, a book of ritual-poems about the sun & moon and lots of drawings of things that don’t yet exist.

They are also an associate committee member at Generator projects, as well as assisting in Cooper Gallery and volunteering at Dundee Ceramics Workshop. Persy is thrilled to be a part of Young Artist Club and have the opportunity to help young people develop themselves. This role is an opportunity for Persy to prepare for the type of career that they want to build; which would include both contemporary art and working with young people in some capacity.


  1. Becky Brewis bio image
  2. Surgery Waiting Room in about 1995, detail courtesy Becky Brewis
  3. Blink and Headpiece install courtesy Becky Brewis
  4. Balms courtesy Becky Brewis
  5. Persy Russell bio image
  6. Install shot courtesy Persy Russell
  7. Install shot courtesy Persy Russell

2021 Block one

May – June 2021 (6 weeks)

The Young Artist Club were introduced to Hospitalfield and explored the gardens, building and history as a place for artists to be creative and come together. Hospitalfield has long been a place where young talented artists from Arbroath and Angus have come to learn and be creative. Each workshop in block one introduced new materials, technique, and genres including mark making, printing and ceramics. The artists are encouraged to explore new ways of expressing through making and begin to form a visual language tool box.

2021 Block Two

June – July (6 weeks)

The Young Artists try their first durational project working to develop and explore ideas influenced by alternative portraiture. inspired by Hospitalfield’s history and collection artists are challenged to think about their identity, who we are, what makes them unique and how they would represent that using alternative portraiture.

2021 Block Three

August – September (6 weeks)

Over the Summer the young artists spent time visiting exhibitions and different organisations in Dundee, learning about artists and artist run spaces. They worked alongside artists Bik Van Der Pol, Anna Orton and Alison Brown taking part in a costume making and performance at the Signal Tower Museum. They learnt how to make wax sculpture that became brass padlocks as part of  Sally Hackett’s Padlock’s of Self Love project and they were shown and explored examples of artists who work collaboratively.

Photos courtesy of Jeni Reid

2021 Block Four + Exhibition

October – December (8 weeks)

In the final block, the Young Artist Club worked with Lead Artist Amy Jones, and Arts Assistants Kristina Aburrow and Rachel Simpson to learn about artist manifestos and pursued their ideas to work collaboratively towards an exhibition to showcase their work.

Inspired by the works of artist collectives, they explored how these groups join together to have a unified voice through the medium of banners and artists manifestos. Using cyanotype printing onto fabric with artist Jeni Reid, tie-dying and sewing they built elaborate banners that represented what Young Artist Club meant to them. The ceramic works made were displayed in our restored Victorian Fernery, prints and drawings in the house, and family and friends attended the unveiling of the manifesto banner at Hospitalfield.

Photos courtesy Jeni Reid and Cara Pirie

2021 Team

We are pleased to announce artist Amy Jones as the Lead Artist for Hospitalfield’s Young Artist Club.  Amy will be joined by Art Education Assistants Kristina Aburrow and Rachel Simpson.

Amy Jones is an artist and curator based in Dundee she graduated from the Fine Art department of the city’s Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design in 2010. She is the co-founder of Dundee Print Collective in 2013 and currently the organisation’s co-director and project coordinator. Between 2010-2012, she was a Committee Member of GENERATORprojects, Dundee.

Working primarily in printmaking and drawing, Amy likes to explore relationships, space and materiality through the act of considering instinct and intuition. She is interested in collaborative practices as a way of making, often creating opportunities to explore creative ideas in dialogue with others.

She has worked on creative learning teams delivering educational projects with a wide range of organisations such as; Dundee Contemporary Arts, Art Angel and McManus Art Gallery and Museum.

Some of her recent collaborative projects include; Making, EDITION FOUR (Dundee Contemporary Arts, 2017), Big Family Press, South London Gallery (2020) and Translations (Life Space, Dundee Print Collective & WCAIR, 2020) with an upcoming commission with Dundee Print Collective for Arbroath 2020+1 (2021).

In her solo practice, she was a recipient of Visual Artist and Maker Award Mentorship with Claire Barclay (2019). Residencies have included Bothy Project, Eigg (2017), THIStudio, exchange with Hospitalfield (2018) and upcoming residency at Cove Park (2021).

Kristina Aburrow is an artist based in Arbroath, graduating in Contemporary Art Practice from Gray’s School of Art in 2019, Kristina works in ceramics, film and photography, Kristina received the Angus VACMA award in 2021. Kristina has worked with young people and the community in various ways over the last four years. She was the lead artist on the Arbroath Murals Project for Arbroath 2020+1, artist at The Hideout, a summer school and ceramics class and previously delivered workshops as part of Hospitalfield’s Free Drawing School. Some of her recent exhibitions have included Salt Jadar at Art North Digital Exhibition (2020), International Exhibition – Sim Artist Residency, Reykjavik (2020) recipient of the June BP Fine Art Award – First Place (2019) and Remote Host, Grays School of Art (2019).

Rachel Simpson is based in Arbroath and is currently studying Design for Textiles (Print) at Heriot-Watt University, Galashiels. Her practice focuses on print design, using both digital and screen-print techniques, but she also loves illustration and collage. Her inspiration comes from the nature world, and she likes her work to be joyous and imaginative. Rachel was the recipient of  a commendation from Bradford Textile Society and was featured in a collaborative zine titled ‘Quarantine Zine’ during the COVID-19 pandemic in May 2020. Having grown up in the Arbroath area, she’s passionate about encouraging other young people to see the possibilities within art & design and wants to give back to her local community.


  1. Bio pic of Amy Jones
  2. In February Living Stood Still by Amy Jones
  3. Bio pic of Kristina Aburrow
  4. Quaich by Kristina Aburrow
  5. Bio image of Rachel Simpson
  6. Tapir by Rachel Simpson