New Ceramics by Erica Lowe in Hospitalfield Garden Café

We are delighted to be able to commission Erica to make these collections of slipware for the garden café at Hospitalfield. These are wonderful unique pieces, fired in an electric kiln using terracotta and decorative slip using colours inspired by the walled garden and its planting.

There are a few items here for sale from this commission and some mugs that are part of another strand of Erica’s work, she describes them as being like a big hug.

‘’The mugs are inspired by the green that is achieved through the copper oxide which is slip trailed in lines down the height of the mug. I feel as though they are quite free, I am not very particular about how I apply the lines, I like the shine of the green and where there is a mistake or a splodge this adds to the understanding that this is a handmade object – I very like the warmth of the terracotta coming through the slip’’

At Hospitalfield we first met Erica when she was still at Arbroath Highschool. She joined the team to help with the installation of an exhibition. She has a strong memory of unpacking a painting borrowed from Tate’s collection, a work by the artist James Cowie who as warden at Hospitalfield between 1938 to 1948 before moving on to become Head of Painting at Gray’s School of Art. This huge painting ‘The Outside School of Painting’ (1938-41), depicts students at Hospitalfield including Robert Colhoun and Robert McBryde.

We were delighted to have the loan from Tate as part of an exhibition based on the 20th century history of Hospitalfield and extremely delighted that Erica and several other pupils of the High School at this time have this memory.

Since then Erica has studied at Gray’s School of Art and then found a number of places to develop her work as a ceramicist. She is currently working at the Barn Pottery in Moretonhampstead in Devon where she is assisting Sabine Nemet and Nic Collins. As she works alongside these experienced ceramicists, she is learning how to wood fired kiln, a very specific and traditional way of firing clay.

We would like to thank Fran Marquis at Springfield Creative Arts in Arbroath who provided facilities and lots of time and expertise to support Erica in this commission.

Price List
Mug – £37.50
Small Plate – £45.00
Medium Plates – £60.00
Large Plate – £82.50