Children’s Graduation Procession

2021: Therapets of Your Dreams Children’s Graduation Carousel with artist Sally Hackett

For Hospitalfield’s 2021 children’s graduation project artist Sally Hackett asked 400 children to imagine their dream ‘therapet’: An imaginary pet with magical abilities to look after, comfort and generally make each child feel better.

Hospitalfield’s annual graduation commission with Timmergreens and Muirfield Primary Schools celebrates the move of Primary 7 children onto their secondary schools. Through weekly workshops over six weeks at both schools, artist Sally Hackett created this graceful sculpture, much like a fairground carousel, which combined the wonderful dream therapets conceived and painted by the children. Installed around a grand old tree within Hospitalfield’s grounds, this was an alternative to our annual Procession, allowing visitors to come and see the work in their own time, with their families from dawn to dusk.

We are grateful to all the pupils, teachers and colleagues at Timmergreens and Muirfield Primary Schools for working with Sally Hackett and Hospitalfield to create this magnificent art work.



Sally Hackett is an artist and educator living and working in Glasgow. Sally makes sculpture with a range of materials of widely different shelf lives and sell by dates from glazed ceramics to peanuts, garlic husks and toilet rolls. Spurred by intuitive making, Sally creates her work predominantly around emotion and mental states. Characters appear showing stories of social intricacies, heartbreak and human failure but with a playful aesthetic of bright colours and cartoon faces. Her work aims to simultaneously express both joy and pain. The playful aesthetic of the work mirrors the sentiment, displaying the energy and beauty present in imperfection. Sally’s interest in pedagogy often sees her working directly with community groups and children to create works collaboratively or facilitate others in their act of creating. She has worked on educational projects with a wide range of organisations, completing projects and residencies with Glasgow Royal Hospital for Children, GOMA, Project Ability, Platform, Panel and Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop. Recent exhibitions include ‘A toilet is a wishing well’ Generator Projects (2020) ‘A Weakness for Raisins’ CCA, Glasgow (2018) ‘From Glasgow Women’s Library’ (2018) and ‘The Fountain of Youth’, Edinburgh Art Festival (2016).

2019: Through Sludge, Sand and Stardust We’re taking you to the Future!

In summer 2019, dance artists Mark Bleakley & Katie Miller led 500 children from Timmergreens and Muirfield Primary Schools in Arbroath, in the Annual Children’s Graduation Procession. The Procession began at Timmergreens and included 4 performances along the route.

Through Sludge, Sand and Stardust
We’re taking you to the Future!
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Celebrating the children graduating onto secondary school and moving onto new things, the 3rd annual Children’s Procession was choreographed to travel along the streets and avenues of Arbroath. Dance Artists Mark Bleakley & Katie Miller worked with pupils and teachers at Muirfield and Timmergreens primary schools to create the new procession with movement leading the way. Arbroath’s school kids brought the surrounding landscape to life and lead the procession to the Paddock.

Through weekly rehearsals over 8 weeks, the artists and children drew inspiration from the surrounding landscape of Arbroath, the beautiful coastline, the fields and meadows surrounding Hospitalfield, the picturesque and changing urban landscape and importantly the young people living in Arbroath and who in the years to come will transform it.

Thanks to Janice Parker and Luke Pell for their advice in developing this Procession.