Interdisciplinary Residents 2018

Designers, choreographers, composers, writers, architects, artists and performers from the Italy, Germany, Brazil, Canada, USA, Ireland and the UK have been selected.

Hospitalfield is pleased to present information about the practitioners who have been selected for this year’s Interdisciplinary Residencies. The individuals’ applications were assessed in a selection meeting in December 2017 by  Cara Ellison, games journalist and developer, and Jenni Fagan, novelist and poet.

Each resident will use the two weeks at Hospitalfield to focus on their proposed project or piece of work as well as taking part in a programme of introductions and discussion.


May Interdisciplinary Residents:

Benjamin Davis, Interdisciplinary Visual Arts Practice, Canada

Nick Cole-Hamilton, Linear and non-linear audio design, UK

Suchitra Choudhury, English Literature, Textile and Design History, UK

Sophie Cunningham, Conceptual art and gallery manager, UK

Eleanor McCullough, Printmaking – Solo Printmaking Place during Interdisciplinary Residency, UK

Meg Peacocke, Poetry, UK

Linda Rae Dornan, Video, Performance, Installation, Bookworks, Canada

Heather Sincavage, Performance Art, USA

Janine Soper, Architecture, USA

Orlaith Treacy, Visual Art- Curating & Producing, Ireland

Anna Zaluczkowska, Screenwriting, transmedia/multi-platform, UK

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August Interdisciplinary Residency:


Eleonora Belfiore, Writing (academic) and Education (teaching and research), UK

Erika DeFreitas, Visual Art, Canada

Joe Etchell, Sculpture and Intermedia, Scotland

Julia Griffin, Dance/Video, UK

Marco Giordano, Visual Art, UK

Olivia Jones, Sculpture, writing and sound, UK

Uta Koslik, Drawing and Painting, Germany

Lesley Logue, Printmaking – Solo Printmaking Place during Interdisciplinary Residency, UK

Isabella Mazzanti, Illustration, Italy

Cinzia Mutigli, Visual Artist, Wales UK

Flavia Ribeiro, Visual Artist, Brazil

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November Interdisciplinary Residency:


Chris Alton, Visual Artist, UK

Matthew Seji Burns, Interactive Fiction, USA

Eddy Dreadnought, Visual art, writing, UK

Linda Duvall, Video, Performance, Canada

Skye Renee Foley, DIY, Spoken word and performance, UK

Siún Ní Dhochartaigh, Visual Art, Ireland

Landon M. Perkins, Printmaking – Solo Printmaking Place during Interdisciplinary Residency, USA

Luke Pell, Choreography and performance, Scotland

Sharon Sekhon, History, USA

Tegan L. Smith, Artist, Canada

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This year we have also selected two visual artists to come to Hospitalfield in March. These Interdisciplinary Residents will join Eve Fowler, who is working on a solo show with our neighbouring organisation Dundee Contemporary Arts; Daisy Chetwin, Mary Redmond and Holly White who are involved in our public programme; and Allyson Keehan who is our Programme Researcher supported by Scottish Graduate School of Arts and Humanities.

March Interdisciplinary Residents:

Angeli Bhose, Performance and Drawing, UK

Maria Howard, Writing, UK

Calum Sutherland, Visual Art and Writing, UK

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Image: Luke Pell, In the Ink Dark, 2017