Goodbye to the November Interdisciplinary Residents

Last week we said goodbye to our last residents of 2021 who were a group from our interdisciplinary programme. Spanning poetry, photography, performance, dance, film, drawing and print-making, the group spent their time developing their work in the house, studios and grounds. The artists participating in the programme were:

Alison Lloyd
Mhairi Owens
Miriam Hancill
Olivia Jones & Michelle Warner Borrow
Sophie Chapman
Luke Fowler

This post shares some of the in-progress images, moments of inspiration and short text developed while in residence.

1. Courtesy of Alison Lloyd. Alison shared her visual restatements of a year of photo documentation in a meadow-wasteland near her home in Nottingham. This image, made on the last day, represents the foraging through photographic work that she undertook while in residence and the performative nature of her practice since the 1970s onwards.

2. Courtesy of poet Mhairi Owens.

graphite is apt
its slippery grip on the page

our father
who tricked me into whiskey after seven years

3. Luke Fowler filming title sequences for a film he is editing on Margaret Tait. Chalk writing by Kirsten Wilson.

4. Courtesy of Miriam Hancill. Monotype with scrim (OFF/ON). “During the residency I have been thinking about habit and interference in the context of the print studio, as well as the ‘printness’ of printmaking.”

5-6. Courtesy of Sophie Chapman. “I’ve been reflecting on my practice over the last few years, researching ideas around wildness and queer desire and playing in the historic rooms dressed in a tiger morph suit.”

You can find out more about each of the artists on the Residents page of our website.