DD Artists Residency at THIStudios, London – call for applications

Open call for a month long residency at Tottenham Hale International Studios.

Now in its third year, this residency exchange is part of our DD Artists Programme. An artist from the DD postcode area will do a residency in London during October 2018 and a studio holder from THIStudios will be part of Hospitalfield’s August Interdisciplinary Residency. The two artists will play a key role in hosting each other to extend the connections created by the residency exchange.

Testimonial from Amy Jones who undertook the residency at THIStudios in 2017:

“Having this time to research, write and talk about my practice for a prolonged period of time has been absolutely invaluable. That combined with being in a studio space that has an active community of artists working there has been really important for me.”

Testimonial from Holly Keasey who undertook the residency at THIStudios in 2016:

“My residency at THIStudios was a great opportunity to spend a month in an area of London that is extremely relevant to my research on urban development and to gain some perspective on gentrification that is not yet visible in Scotland. It was also inspiring to spend time with a group of artists who commit their time and finances, beyond their rent, to working collaboratively to maintain not just space for their own work but also a program of workshops, residencies and skill-shares.”


The deadline for applications is 12 March 2018 at midnight and the opportunity is open to all artists who live and work within the DD postcode region around Dundee and Angus. Read more about the call for applications here…

Our partners THIStudios have created a 250 square foot studio specially for their international residency programme which involves partners in Ireland and Spain as well as the initiative with Hospitalfield.

The aims of our DD Artists Programme are to provide useful opportunities for artists from our region to make new connections and develop their work with the aspiration that this will have a positive effect on their individual practice and the artistic community here on their return.

In 2014 we worked with HALLE 14 in Leipzig so that Delia Baillie, Valerie Norris and Anna Orton could do residencies in their studio complex. You can read more about those artists and see their contribution to our Pamphlet Series reflecting on their time in Germany here…

Please share this opportunity with anyone who you think would make good use of it and feel free to get in touch to ask questions.