Announcing Artists Selected for the Graduate Programme 2021

Hospitalfield are very pleased to announce the artists selected for the Graduate Programme 2021. The Mentoring Circle (Sekai Machache, Eoin Dara, Tendai Mutambu and Cicely Farrer) selected 30 artists from an open call for this year’s programme which combines residency with online mentoring. We look forward to welcoming the artists to the programme over the next twelve months.

Participating artists are:

Katherine Fay Allan
Aqsa Arif
Emelia Kerr Beale
Sean Patrick Campbell
Ivy Josephine Deacon
Kiên Denier
Kaya Fraser
Benjamin Hall
Marie Hamrock
Sinéad Hargan
Jacob Hoffman
Sean Kemp
Julia Carolin Kothe
Kate Frances Lingard
Jek McAllister
Heather McDonald
Cat and Éiméar McLay
Owain Train McGilvary
Siobhan McLaughlin
Chao-Ying Betty Rao
Lauren La Rose
Rodrigo Nava Ramírez
Stella Rooney
Natasha Thembiso Ruwona
Marta Sanders
Kiera Saunders
Anya Sirina
Rosie Trevill
Sweætshops® / Merik Tiz

Find out more about each of the artists on our Residents page here

The artists have graduated from Programmes at institutions including Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Edinburgh College of Art, Glasgow School of Art, Grays School of Art and University of Aberdeen.

Programme Mentoring Circle: Artist Sekai Machache (Edinburgh), curator Eoin Dara (Head of Exhibitions Dundee Contemporary Arts) and writer/curator Tendai Mutambu (Bristol) and Cicely Farrer (Programme Manager Hospitalfield). We thank Dundee Contemporary Arts for their valuable partnership on the development of the mentoring Programme.

Continuing on from the precedent of the Graduate Residency which has run for 8 years at Hospitalfield, the Graduate Programme 2021 is designed to support the next generation of artists. Through this programme we hope to give artists who have graduated from art schools and colleges in 2019-2020, artistic and professional development pathways at a time of significant uncertainty.

The programme offers 30 artists a year long association with Hospitalfield. At the heart of the programme that we are offering is the support that participants will gain from both the Mentor’s Circle and the 16-day residency at Hospitalfield and each other. The programme supports three groups of artists all who have graduated in the last two years from Scottish art schools; emerging out of full-time education into what is in many ways a closed world. This structured programme will provide the selected artists with a new network and a period of time to focus on the development of their work.

Situated just to the south of the rural coastal town of Arbroath, Hospitalfield is an artists’ house; a place of ideas combining the conventions of the museum and the academy and interpreting these models for this moment in time. Hospitalfield is attentive to its aims; to support artists and, in this ever-changing environment, our programmes change and respond to the shift in artist’s needs.

The Graduate Programme is selected by and facilitated with the Mentoring Circle.

Programme Residency dates:
19 June –4 July 2021
18 October – 2 November 2021
28 March – 12 April 2022

During the residency time artists will have studio time, group crits, studio visits, field trips and after dinner discussions. The residency includes full board catering, private bedrooms and 24-hour access to studio space and a £600 bursary.

Yearlong programme: Online and outside

The online programme will include talks programmes, facilitated sharing of practice, experience and skills, mentorship and one group visit within Scotland for all 30 participants. Participating artists will be able to select what part of the programme that is useful to them. The programme does not demand full attendance if this is not possible. It is important the participating artists are proactive in clarifying what parts of the programme will support their needs.

The Graduate Programme 2021 is supported by the William Grant Foundation, Hope Scott Trust and PF Charitable Trust.



  1. Image of Turret at Hospitalfield House.
  2. Courtesy of Benjamin Hall.
  3. Courtesy of Heather McDonald.
  4. Courtesy of Emelia Kerr Beale.
  5. Video Still, “Buck” 2020. Courtesy of Sean Kemp.
  6. Courtesy of Natasha Thembiso Ruwona.
  7. Yann #2 (2020). Courtesy of Jacob Hoffman.
  8. Courtesy of Stella Rooney.
  9. Courtesy of Chao-Ying Betty Rao.
  10. Courtesy of Rodrigo Nava Ramírez.
  11. Spare Time. Courtesy of Marta Sanders.
  12. Courtesy of Sinéad Hargan.
  13. Courtesy of Jek McAllister.
  14. Courtesy of Marie Hamrock.
  15. Courtesy of Ivy Josephine Deacon.
  16. Courtesy of Owain Train McGilvary.
  17. Imagine, 2020. Courtesy of Lauren La Rose.
  18. Courtesy of Sean Patrick Campbell.
  19. ‘And When They Talk They Just Make Sounds That More Or Less Synch Up’ (2020/21) — An Exhibition In Two Acts At ‘Poky — Institute Of Contemporary Art’. Photographer: Julien Hübsch. Courtesy of Julia Carolin Kothe.
  20. Courtesy of Katherine Fay Allen.
  21. Courtesy of Sweætshops® / Merik Tiz.
  22. Courtesy of Kiên Denier.
  23. Courtesy of Aqsa Arif.
  24. Courtesy of Anya Sirina.
  25. Bug Mask, paper clay, scrap fabric, Christmas beads, wire and an earing, 2021. Courtesy of Kiera Saunders.
  26. Courtesy of Kate Frances Lingard.
  27. Courtesy of Kaya Fraser.
  28. Courtesy of Cat and Éiméar McLay
  29. Courtesy of Rosie Trevill.
  30. Courtesy of Siobhan McLaughlin