An Update on the Interdisciplinary Residency Programme Open Call

As we are sure you will be anticipating, Hospitalfield has been very quiet this year as far as residencies go….

Many of the artists already selected have been hearing from us to reschedule their residency dates as we have gathered information in line with the guidelines and we are so grateful for your understanding.

We are so looking forward to being able to welcome you all here again as soon as we can and we are working hard to find solutions, do the research on testing and so on, so that we can fling open our doors again this spring, summer and autumn.

We have decided to alter our approach to the application process by adding a second deadline:-

We are welcoming applications for the Interdisciplinary Residency Programme for practitioners who wish to join this programme in 2021.

For those who have been aiming for the deadline of the 7 February – this date still stands. As we are aware that many will be finding it as difficult as we are to plan ahead we have introduced a second deadline; Sunday 9 May

If you would like to join the programme, and are based internationally, please still apply meeting the two deadlines above but it is quite likely that we will suggest to you that you come in 2022.

We ask you simply to be aware that over the next year or so there will be a need to be flexible and work with us but we really look forward to receiving your applications for the programme and planning your time here. The flexibility we are asking for relates to dates, so we may have to come to you with different dates, particularly if you are an international applicant. The Interdisciplinary Programme has been the most international of our residency strands but of course the pandemic will have a major impact on this in 2021. We suggest that those of you making an application from outwith the UK make an application to go through the selection process and then we discuss a date, this might not be until 2022.

More more information on the Interdisciplinary Programme please email and we would be happy to talk more about our plans and international travel.