An Invitation to A Living Newspaper FIELDWORK Study Group Organised with Bik Van der Pol

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A Living Newspaper
Organised with Bik Van der Pol

Dates & Contributors:
Saturday 27 March, 3-4.30pm, Dr Rania Karoula
Saturday 10 April, 3-4.30pm, Simon Bedwell
Thursday 22 April, 5-6.30pm, Liz Magic Laser

Dates Beginning Saturday 27 March, 3 – 4.30pm GMT

Eligibility Everyone. This is a free programme.

Where Online via Zoom, Sign Up here

This three -part Study Group is part of our preparations for FIELDWORK International Summer School 2021.

Please join us in the learning, experimentation and discussion inspired by the structure and context of The Living Newspaper which ran in the USA as part of the Federal Theatre Project from 1935 – 1939. With its roots in earlier European theatre models, the programmes that emerged were ambitious scripted productions which re-told and performed major stories of the day around housing, labour, disease and social stigma. 

These Study Groups continue Bik Van der Pol’s collaboration with Hospitalfield since the 2020 FIELDWORK International Summer School Programme Now What? Last September the Summer School sought to ask, think and talk through what ‘muteness’ was at that time.

Now we look to experiment with The Living Newspaper as a model to enact moving forward, and to ask the question, how will we each want to live together after this disruption in the world?

These three groups take a performative format and invite participants to use the model to imagine and rehearse for the possible futures that lie ahead.

Each Study Group will invite a contribution from an academic or artist to demonstrate ways that artists and writers may interpret ‘the news’ in theatrical, artistic or performed work. The contributors are Dr Rania Karoula, Simon Bedwell and Liz Magic Laser.

Participants are invited to ‘bring the news’ for facilitated exercises on which stories might be enacted in a contemporary ‘living newspaper’.

Following the Study Groups we will form a funded Working Group to participate in The Hospitalfield Living Newspaper Intensive Online Summer Workshop in July 2021.

More info and Sign up: 

Image: Art is either plagiarism or revolution, or: something is definitely going to happen here. Bik Van der Pol 2007-2010. Courtesy of the artists.