Working at Hospitalfield Now, 4 – 18 May 2018

We are delighted to be hosting 12 Interdisciplinary Residents who are working on diverse projects from screenwriting and architecture, to composing, performance, prose and visual art.

Suchitra Choudhury is an independent design historian and literary critic originally from Delhi and now living in Carlisle. Her research explores the often overlooked links between industry, art and literature.

Nick Cole-Hamilton studied Sound Design MSc at Edinburgh University focusing on interactive audio for video games and poetic interpretations of fixed media.

Sophie Cunningham is a visual artist who manages artist-run gallery Shotgun Studios. She is originally from the West Midlands and now lives in London.

Benjamin Davis is an English-born, Canada-based visual artist who has taught and exhibited widely. His work resides in collections in Canada, England, USA, Botswana, and Australia.

Patrick Errington is a academic, poet, and translator undertaking a PhD at St Andrews University and is supported for the residency by Scottish Graduate School of Arts and Humanities.

Eleanor McCullough engages with a variety of media including printmaking, casting, and digital media to challenge the ‘problem’ of the copy-as-a-work-of-art and is the current resident in our Kinpurnie Print Studio.

Meg Peacocke is known as a poet and is working on a new prose project while on the residency. She’s based in Barnard Castle in the north of England.

Linda Rae Dornan’s art practice is performative and interdisciplinary, inclusive of video, installation, performance, sound and writing. She lives in Sackville, Canada.

Heather Sincavage is an interdisciplinary artist from the USA using drawing, sculpture, installation and performance as part of her practice.

Janine Soper is a Brooklyn-based architectural designer originally from Massachusetts.

Orlaith Treacy is an independent curator and a project producer, working with Callan Workhouse Union, a developing facility and commissioning agency for visual art, architecture and design in Ireland.

Anna Zaluczkowska is head of screenwriting at the Northern film School and is an award-winning filmmaker and writer.

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Also on residency over these two weeks are:

Holly White, the artist commissioned to design our Children’s Procession project with local school children is returning to work on the making of props and floats over these two weeks.

Allyson Keehan, our Programme Researcher placement from Scottish Graduate School of Arts and Humanities is half way through her series of investigations into how we gather and communicate information about our programme.


Images: Heather Sincavage, Memorial: I Live in Your Memory (Lehigh County segment); the act of counting breath; Ben Davis, Building Plans; Linda Rae Dornan, Writan.