The Onion Club present American Apocalypse Now: A Dystopian Songbook

27 January 2018

The Onion Club present American Apocalypse Now: A Dystopian Songbook

In American Apocalypse Now, The Onion Club present recent work on the theme of American dystopia and dysfunction. Taking recent events and Americas dubious imperial history as the context for exploration, the pair curate and reimagine a series of iconic songs which can be seen as lenses into the dark flip side of the American Dream. From the ridiculous to the sublime, from the shameful to the soulful, The Onion Club go boldly into the heart of darkness in this first chapter of the American Dystopian Songbook .

The Onion Club is a collaboration between Dubiety Brown ( aka Pauline M. Hynd) and pianist/composer Stephen Lee . The vehicle is Cabaret Noire, but there are no fishnets and spangles here, only stark emotion, black humour, wry observation and bitter truth expressed powerfully through outstanding performance and musicality. Prepare to be simultaneously shocked, moved, captivated and inspired by this unique outfit – part band, part theatrical experience, combining art with activism while delivering an exceptional quality of musicianship and performance that needs to be experienced live. Refreshingly original. Audaciously bold. Outrageously talented. Prepare to be transformed…. Submit…. Surrender… . Enjoy.

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Like a roadmap towards oblivion…. delivered with rare power and brutal and visceral beauty”. Brian Hutton

From the opening bars of ‘Going to a Town’ to the crescendo of ‘Glacier’, I was transfixed by the virtuosity of Stephen’s playing and Pauline’s vocal. The timing of American Apocalypse Now is perfect”. Martin Jamieson

“The show was dark, deep and mysterious. …Songs about love provocatively performed in body hugging slips under printed kimonos and a long black overcoat. Love, world issues and politics with an uplifting hint of sarcasm.” Holly Scanlon

“Lithe and Livid. Stephen Lee the pianist, whose playing always makes me think of ‘Time’ and ‘Lady Grinning Soul’ from Aladdin Sane, thumped the low notes with heat seeking precision” La Terrasse, BlogSpot

“God may be away , but this pair mean business” Chris Fox

“Mesmerising” Gavin McGinty

“Sublime” Andy Woods

“Electric” Trevor Ward.

“The only truth is music.”

― Jack Kerouac

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