The Free Drawing School: Documenting 800 years of Garden History

14–15 September 2019

As part of Hospitalfield’s Open Weekend – The Narrator, join our Free Drawing School Artist Laura Darling on a workshop Documenting 800 years of Garden History .

By observing and drawing selected plants relevant to the history (and future) of Hospitalfield’s gardens, participants will learn about how the gardens have been used, and by whom from the thirteenth century to the present day. Run by illustrator Laura Darling, each workshop will explore a different time period and participants will be be supported to create expressive and characterful ink drawings. These drawings will be combined to form a visual document of the history of the gardens, and of the process of documenting itself.

Location: Hospitalfield , Hospitalfield House , Arbroath , DD11 2NH

Workshop times:

Saturday 14th September

11.00am – 1.30pm 13th – 14th Century

2.00pm – 4.30pm 15th – 16th Century

Sunday 15th September

11.00am – 1.30pm 17th – 18th Century

2.00pm – 4.30pm 19th – 21st Century

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