Live from Hospitalfield at Arbroath Academy: Akiko Kobayashi and Sonia York-Price

21 March 2017

As part of our series of artist talks in Form Time at Arbroath Academy, architect Akiko Kobayashi from Edinburgh and dancer, choreographer Sonia York-Price from Australia will talk to pupils from all levels of the school on Tuesday 21 March. They are both currently undertaking the Interdisciplinary Residency at Hospitalfield.

This series comes out of collaboration with educators in the region and an aspiration to offer diverse examples of creative lives.


Akiko Kobayashi worked in architectural practice for 15 years prior to focusing on the facilitation of community led development in the built environment. Using co-creation approaches, she designs ways for distributed clients to explore the potential of their proposals, communicate their vision and gain practical skills. She has hands-on site experience and is a certified Passivhaus designer. Current projects include a housing co-op self build refurbishment and a church fit-out for self-assembly by the congregation. Akiko Kobayashi studied at Cambridge, Edinburgh and Dundee; has worked in London, Sydney, Edinburgh and Tokyo; and is a keen cyclist, coxswain, autoharp player and parent.

Images: Application images documenting past projects from Akiko Kobayashi.


Sonia York-Price is a dancer and artist who lives in Australia. Her life has been consumed with all forms of dance. She trained extensively in classical ballet and contemporary dance in the UK. Since migrating to Australia she has merged this lived knowledge into her arts practice of film making and photography. Fascinated by the genre of time exposure photography she is not interested in the pure accuracy of the movement but the actual moment of motion. Sonia York-Price has gained experience through artist residencies photographing dancers in Beijing, London, Birmingham, Stockholm and Sydney. She is currently researching for the PhD Ageism and the mature dancer at the QCA Griffith University, Australia.


Images: Application images documenting past projects from Sonia York-Price.

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