Online Free Drawing School Challenge led by Laura Darling


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Paper pencils and an Ipad on a desk

Online Drawing Challenge led by Laura Darling of The Free Drawing School

Join the Free Drawing School live online every Monday at 10am.

A different drawing challenge is announced each week for you to get involved with at home between 10am-12pm guided live with an artist.

The Free Drawing School Online continues over the spring and summer with many more challenges as we invite lots of guest artists to design the weekly challenge for you to join in with.

The Free Drawing School challenges are designed to be done at home with the resources you can bring together from your drawers and cupboards.

The details of the challenge will be announced here and on social media at 10.00am.

You will have two hours in which to complete the challenge and post your work either in the comments on the Facebook event for others to see or on twitter or instagram with the hashtag #freedrawingschool.

You can also email your outcomes to

The Free Drawing School is made possible with generous funding support from The Robertson Trust and The National Heritage Lottery Fund.


Free Drawing School Online Challenge led by Laura Darling

The next Free Drawing School online challenge will happen on Monday 25 May from 10am-12pm.

We are excited  welcome back last years’ Free Drawing School Artist Laura Darling.

Laura Darling is an illustrator and artist based in Dundee. Her practice is underpinned by drawing, looking, noticing and recording visual details as a way of re-thinking our everyday surroundings. The subject matter she represents varies from animals and the natural world to people and built environments, often combined with hand-lettering.

Laura is currently writing and illustrating a graphic novel about the history of Hospitalfield’s walled garden.


What you’ll need:

  • A drawing tool – pencil, biro, eyeliner, anything goes!
  • Something to draw on – this can be fancy artists’ paper or the back of an envelope, just whatever you have!
  • Internet access (so you know what the challenge is)
  • A camera phone/scanner (if you would like to share your work, and we hope you will)


The details of the challenge will be announced on Monday at 10.00am.

Share your drawings on facebook, twitter or email to with the hashtag #freedrawingschool


Image credit

1.Laura Darling with drawing of Reverend James Fraser who bought Hospitalfield in 1664, courtesy of artist.

2. Illustration of students in Hospitalfield garden in 1902. (Imagined), Laura Darling, courtesy of the artist.

Instructions Free Drawing School Online Challenge: Work-in-progress

For this weeks’ challenge we are excited to welcome back last years’ Free Drawing School Artist Laura Darling. Share your drawings on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #freedrawingschool or email to

“Hi Everyone,

I’m currently working on a graphic novel about the history of Hospitalfield’s walled garden and am surrounded by hundreds of plans and rough drawings, most of which only make sense to me.

So, I thought it would be a fun experiment to share some of them with you, and see what you can make of them.

What you need to do:

  1. LOOK at the first sketch (we call it a ‘thumbnail’ in the illustration world) – what does it make you think of?
  2. FIND an object or space in your house or garden that relates to your thought. Take the thumbnail with you, if you can.
  3. DRAW the object/space. Do five, one-minute-long continuous line drawings (don’t lift your pen/pencil from the paper). This will warm up your hand and your brain.
  4. Use the thumbnail and your quick drawings to inspire a new drawing.
  5. SHARE! If you can share as you go, I’d LOVE to see your work-in-progress!
  6. REPEAT – there are four thumbnails – after half an hour move on to the next one and start at step one.

Lets draw!”

Laura Darling


Image credits all Laura Darling.

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