Friends of Hospitalfield Trip: Curator’s Tour of the Portrait Miniatures at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh

29 March 2017

Hospitalfield hold a small collection of beautiful portrait miniatures depicting an infant Elizabeth Fraser and some members of her family. The works are examples of a form of art with a rich and fascinating history.

Join the Friends of Hospitalfield on a visit to the Scottish National Portrait Gallery for a close-up look at their fabulous collection of portrait miniatures.

This bespoke guided tour focuses on four or five examples of portrait miniature from the permanent collection at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, and will be led by a member of the curatorial team.

  • The Friends of Hospitalfield will travel to Edinburgh together, departing Hospitalfield by minibus at 9.30am and returning in advance of 5.00pm
  • The visit to Scottish National Portrait Gallery will last for 90 mins, after which our group can enjoy lunch
  • The tour costs £15 per person, maximum capacity for 14 people
  • Please join or renew membership to Friends of Hospitalfield here or contact Scott Byrne directly at or 01241 656124

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