Friends of Hospitalfield Talk: Medieval Angus with Professor Richard Oram, University of Stirling

25 May 2017

This talk which will give a clear insight into the huge significance of the Declaration of Arbroath and the dynamic moment in history from which it emerged.

Medieval Angus was a rich and culturally vibrant region at the heart of the kingdom of Scotland.  Its castles, abbeys, churches and the landscape itself speak of a time when peasants, townsfolk, monks and knights transformed the face of the country, reshaping the face of the land and forging new bonds with continental Europe.  This talk will explore the transformation of Angus in the Middle Ages, looking at the impact of the new monasteries founded by kings and earls, of the towns whose markets opened the region to the world, of the peasants who laboured to win ‘wasteland’ for agriculture, and of the knights whose castles ‘nailed’ their possession of the land.

Professor Richard Oram is Dean of Arts and Humanities and Professor of Environmental and Medieval History at the University of Stirling. A former Director of the Centre for Environmental History and Policy, in 2008 he was appointed a member of the Historic Environment Advisory Council for Scotland, providing advice to Scottish Ministers on aspects of policy and public engagement in the sector.

2020 will be the 700th year since the Declaration was sent from Arbroath to the Pope in Avignon and this is just one of many events leading up to the anniversary that will mark and celebrate the impact of the document.

This talk is part of our Friends of Hospitalfield Programme but has been opened out as a free event, for everyone to attend, to help raise awareness of the approaching anniversary.

Hospitalfield House, 6.30pm to 8.30pm, free.

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